Guidelines for health professionals

Blood and body fluid exposure management

Find the guidelines and forms for risk assessment and management for potential exposure from blood or body fluids.

Communicable disease guidelines

Find the guidelines for the control of communicable diseases.


Find COVID-19 information for health professionals.


Find Ebola clinical guidance documents, personal protective equipment (PPE), triage and additional information.

Immunization program manual

Find the immunization manual for health professionals.


Find the influenza guidelines for health professionals.


Find information about opioids: substitution therapy, standards of practice, and opioid and pain resources.

Outbreak management in residential and acute care settings

Find respiratory and gastrointestinal outbreak guidelines, lists and forms.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) guidelines

Find the treatment guidelines for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Tuberculosis (TB)

The Tuberculosis (TB) Control Manual is a reference guide for health professionals in Yukon.

Yukon reportable diseases

This is a list of diseases that must be reported.