Pausing intake of some Yukon Nominee Program applications

Applications currently exceed the Yukon’s 2024 allocations. We're not currently accepting new applications from Whitehorse employers. Employers in rural Yukon communities can still apply.

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Hire a foreign worker: employer eligibility and responsibilities

If you're a Yukon employer who cannot find qualified Canadians or permanent residents, you may be eligible to hire a foreign worker under the Yukon Nominee Program (YNP).

You must identify a foreign worker you'd like to hire:

  • full-time;
  • year 'round; and
  • long term.

These requirements may differ from those under the Yukon Community Program.

About the Yukon Nominee Program

The Yukon Nominee Program allows employers to hire long-term employees. Foreign workers, called nominees, nominated to work under the Yukon Nominee Program are accepted with the expectation that they'll live in Yukon over the long term.

Nominees are issued documentation from the Government of Yukon which allows them to apply for work permits tied to your business through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Employer eligibility

To qualify you must:

  • be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada;
  • have been operating in the Yukon as:
    • a registered Yukon business with an office in the Yukon for at least 1 year before you apply to the program;
    • an industry association with an office in the Yukon for at least 1 year before you apply to the program;
    • a municipal, First Nation or territorial government for at least 1 year before you apply to the program; or
    • a non-profit organization for at least 2 years, with funding for at least 1 year following your application to the program;
  • have current and valid required licenses under applicable federal, territorial and municipal requirements;
  • be in a registered business that's operated in the Yukon for at least 1 year on a full-time basis; and
  • not be operating any of the following types of businesses:
    • bed and breakfasts of less than 10 rooms;
    • hobby farm;
    • home-based business or distribution operation;
    • taxi-cab company;
    • business owned and operated by an active Yukon business nominees;
    • passive investment;
    • business consultation and personal service;
    • real estate; or
    • holdings company.

Employer responsibilities

The Yukon Nominee Program is employer-driven. This means that the employer is the applicant and will submit the program application.

If you're nominating a nominee who is abroad, you agree to:

  • comply with all Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requirements;
  • follow the laws in the Employment Standards Act and the Human Rights Act and, if applicable, the terms of any collective agreement;
  • make all required deductions from the nominee’s pay;
  • pay any assessments required by the Workers' Compensation Act;
  • not recover from the nominee through payroll deductions or any other means:
    • any costs incurred in recruiting or retaining the nominee, which includes any money paid to a recruiter;
    • any costs related to providing health insurance; and
    • any costs associated with workers' compensation.
  • pay for the air travel cost for the nominee to come to the Yukon from their country of permanent residence, but not for the travel costs of family or dependents, if the nominee is not in Canada at the time of application approval; and
  • pay for return air transportation for the nominee from the Yukon to their country of permanent residence (but not for the travel costs of family or dependents), if the nominee does not obtain permanent residency;
  • ensure that suitable housing is available for the nominee and help the nominee find suitable housing if the nominee requests this; and
  • provide to the nominee free health insurance that gives similar coverage to what a Yukon resident gets under the Health Care Insurance Plan Act until the nominee is eligible for insured health care under the Health Care Insurance Plan Act.

Posting and advertising jobs

Employers applying on or after July 1, 2022, must advertise the position for at least 4 weeks before submitting a program application. For example, an employer applying on July 1, 2022, must start advertising no later than June 2, 2022. They must continue advertising until a decision is made. Employers must demonstrate that qualified Canadians or permanent residents are not available. The Yukon Nominee Program will not approve an application if it's not satisfied that qualified Canadians or permanent residents are available.

Foreign worker eligibility

The Yukon Nominee Program does not determine if a foreign worker is eligible until it receives and assesses an application. As an employer it's your responsibility to ensure any foreign worker you employ has the:

  • qualifications and skills to perform the occupation; and
  • proper work authorization from IRCC.

Learn more about immigrating to the Yukon and how the program determines worker eligibility.

Apply to hire a foreign worker

Apply to hire a foreign worker through the Yukon Nominee Program.

Hiring short-term foreign workers

Other programs are available if you're an employer and want to hire a foreign worker to fill a short-term need:


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