Learn about the Yukon Nominee Program process

The Yukon Nominee Program is made up of 4 program streams. These include:

On the pages above you'll find:

  • eligibility requirements;
  • Stream-specific criteria; and
  • Information on how to apply.

Yukon Nominee Program process

  1. Employers eligible for the Yukon Nominee Program advertise the position locally and nationally. If no qualified Canadian or permanent resident applies, the employer can use the Yukon Nominee Program to fill the position.
  2. No qualified Canadian or permanent resident applies for the position.
  3. The employer reviews criteria for each of the Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) streams and chooses which stream to apply for.
  4. The employer offers a full-time, permanent position to an eligible foreign national.
  5. The employer and the foreign national complete all required forms for the Yukon Nominee Program.
  6. The employer gathers all the forms and documents, and completes and submits the application to the Yukon Nominee Program.
    • If the employer is approved, the foreign national information is reviewed.
    • If foreign national is approved, the person becomes a territorial nominee.
  7. Once we approve the application, the employer and nominee must sign a Tri-Partite Agreement (TPA) with the Government of Yukon.
  8. The nominee submits an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for:
    • permanent residency once they sign the TPA; and
    • a temporary work permit (if the nominee's current work permit is about to expire).
  9. The nominee works for the employer under a temporary work permit while their permanent residency is being processed.
  10. The nominee meets all admissibility checks (security, health, criminality).
  11. Once the permanent residency application is approved by the IRCC, the nominee becomes a permanent resident of Canada.

IRCC assesses each nominee's eligibility for work permits and permanent residency. The YNP and the Government of Yukon are not responsible for IRCC's decision to grant or deny permits or permanent residency. We cannot appeal those decisions.


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