Apply for Home Owners Grant

You may be eligible for a Home Owners Grant for the 2024 tax year. The deadline for the Home Owners Grant application is February 15, 2025.

What is the Home Owners Grant?

The Home Owners Grant reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence. It's available to homeowners that pay property taxes to a municipality or to the Government of Yukon if they live in a rural area.

The main residence is the only portion of a mixed-use or agricultural property that is eligible for the Home Owners Grant.

Eligible individuals can receive up to 50% of the property taxes owing on their residence to a maximum of $450 and subject to a $100 minimum tax. Eligible individuals 65+ can receive up to 75% of the property taxes owing on their residence to a maximum of $500.


Apply for 1 grant each year if you:

  • are a Yukon homeowner;
  • have paid property taxes in full; and
  • lived in your home for 184 days (6 months) of the tax year.

Apply for a Home Owners Grant

Your Home Owners Grant application is attached to your property tax notice. If you have lost your property tax notice, you can get the Home Owners Grant application here.

The application must be received by the Yukon government or postmarked no later than February 15 in the year following the tax year for which the application is being made.

You pay your property taxes in person

We are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at 308 Steele Street, 1st floor. 

1. Bring your property tax notice to our office when you go to pay. Sign your application and attach it to your payment. 

2. The grant will be deducted from the total amount of taxes you owe.

3. You will pay the remainder.

Rural property taxes: The Home Owners Grant is deducted from your rural property taxes when you pay in person.

If your property is located within a municipality, you need to pay your taxes at your municipal office.

You pay your property taxes through your mortgage company

  1. You will get your property tax notice in the mail shortly after May 15.
  2. Your mortgage company's name should appear on the bottom portion of the notice in the section called 'Copy of notice sent to.'
  3. Submit your signed grant application to us no later than June 10 to ensure your mortgage company will pay the taxes less the grant.

For questions about applying for a Home Owners Grant email [email protected] or call 867-667-5268 or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5268.