Learn about youth sentencing and probation

  • What is Custody Services?
  • The sentence
  • Probation

  1. What is Custody Services?

    Custody Services is responsible for youth who are detained at the Young Offenders Facility that are:

    • pre-trial detention; or
    • secure- and open-custody supervision.

    Programming during the sentencing may include:

    • sports and recreation;
    • fitness and nutrition;
    • academic;
    • First Nations culture; and
    • life skills.

  2. The sentence

    Youth sentencing:

    The goals of sentencing are to rehabilitate and reintegrate youth into the community.

    Sentencing options include:

    • a reprimand, similar to a warning;
    • an absolute discharge;
    • a conditional discharge, supervision may be imposed;
    • a fine up to $1,000;
    • an order to pay compensation or special damages with the youth's ability to pay taken into consideration;
    • an order for the restitution of property;
    • an order to perform up to 240 hours of community service;
    • up to 2 years probation;
    • an order that youth attend a non-residential program (Youth Achievement Centre, Whitehorse only);
    • compensation to the victim;
    • taking away privileges;
    • support and monitoring by a youth worker;
    • residence approved by the court;
    • custody in caregiver home;
    • secure custody and supervision at the Young Offenders Facility;
    • custody and conditional supervision; or
    • intensive rehabilitative custody and supervision at the Young Offenders Facility.

    Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, adult sentences may be given for youth found guilty of offences, such as:

    • murder;
    • attempted murder;
    • manslaughter;
    • aggravated sexual assault;
    • serious, repeat violent offences; or
    • other serious offences.

  3. Probation

    Youth Probation provides support and supervision to:

    • youth;
    • families;
    • victims; and
    • communities.

    We do this with a case-management system that complies with Youth Criminal Justice Act court orders.

    Youth between the ages of 12 and 17, who have pre-charge and post-charge involvement with the justice system, may be supervised through programs such as:

    • extrajudicial sanctions;
    • probation;
    • community court orders; or
    • custody and community supervision orders.

    In Yukon communities, youth probation services are provided by regional social workers.

    Learn about how you can help a child going through the justice system.


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