Leaders meet for Yukon Forum at Ta’an Kwäch’än Council’s Fish Camp on Lake Laberge

First Nations Chiefs, delegates and Government Ministers meet for the Yukon Forum. Credit: Government of Yukon / Justin Kennedy.

This is a joint news release between the Government of Yukon, the Council of Yukon First Nations and Yukon First Nations governments.

Today, Premier Ranj Pillai and members of his Cabinet, Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston and Yukon First Nations Chiefs met at Ta’an Kwäch’än Council’s Fish Camp at Tàá’an Män (Lake Laberge) for the Yukon Forum.

Leaders had collective discussions related to supporting the work of the Residential Schools and Missing Children Project and responding to the Yukon’s Substance Use Health Emergency. Leaders also had a strategic conversation on how to best advance the collaborative work between governments through venues such as Yukon Days, the Intergovernmental Forum and the Yukon Forum itself.

Yukon Forum continues to be an important opportunity to collectively address challenges and strategize regarding how we can work towards a strong, resilient future together. Today we had the privilege of meeting in a beautiful and culturally significant setting to discuss how we can collaboratively address the issues we are facing together as governments, including on the Substance Use Health Emergency. These conversations are crucial to informing our shared efforts to build a brighter future for all Yukoners. Thank you to the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council for hosting this gathering on their traditional territory.

Premier Ranj Pillai

Today, Yukon First Nations emphasized the urgent need for action on the Substance Use Health Emergency as our Yukon First Nation communities are facing tremendous losses in relation to this crisis. Yukon First Nations are pleased to see productive discussions and collaboration on key issues impacting our communities through Yukon Forum.

Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston

Ta’an Kwäch’än Council is happy to host this gathering of Yukon leaders. It is important that we continue to meet collectively to address issues of high priority in Yukon and strengthen our government-to-government relationships. A key priority is addressing mental health and the opioid/drug crisis in our territory. The extent of this crisis is extreme in many of our communities and is deeply intertwined with the legacy of colonialism, racism and intergenerational trauma, and cuts to the heart of the wellbeing of our peoples. It is only by coming together as one community that we will be able to address this challenge effectively.

Ta’an Kwäch’än Council Chief Amanda Leas

Quick facts 
  • The Yukon Forum is a meeting of the political leaders of the Government of Yukon, Yukon First Nations governments and the Council of Yukon First Nations.

  • Since signing the Working Together Declaration in January 2017, the Yukon Forum has met on a quarterly basis.

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