Information current

May 6, 2021

Keep yourself and others safe: practise the Safe 6 and wear a mask. For medical questions or if you feel ill phone 811 or launch the COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

Social bubble guidelines: COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues in Yukon, we’re asking Yukoners to:

  • be careful;
  • respect gathering guidelines; and
  • stick to their social bubbles.

Keeping your social bubble small and consistent will help lower the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Your social bubble includes everyone who you:

  • live with;
  • share a meal or visit with in their home or yours; or
  • shake hands with or hug.

Your social bubble can include up to 15 people, but the smaller your bubble, the smaller the risk of being exposed to COVID-19.We encourage you to reduce your bubble to fewer than 10 where possible. Remember, indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people. If you gather with anyone who is not in your social bubble, you must keep a 2-metre (6 feet) distance from them at all times.

If you choose to socialize with anyone outside of your bubble, arrange to do so outside and maintain 2 metres (6 feet) of physical distancing.

Create your social bubble

Your social bubble starts with people:

  • you live with; and
  • who regularly come into your household.

Avoid changing your bubble. Make sure you are not mixing with people in another social bubble.

Everyone in a household must be part of the same social bubble.

Keeping your bubble consistent and safe

We strongly encourage you to maintain a consistent group in your social bubble. This will help:

  • lower the chance that you or someone else will get COVID-19; and
  • make it easier for us to contact trace if someone does get sick.

Who you can have close contact with

  • You can be in close contact with everyone in your social bubble.
  • You should continue to keep 2 metres (6 feet) away from people outside of your bubble.

What you should avoid

  • Do not have holiday dinners or gatherings indoors with anyone who is outside your bubble.
  • Do not change your bubble over a holiday period.
  • Do not use masks to replace physical distancing.
  • Do not mix with people in another social bubble.

If anyone in your bubble has symptoms

Anyone in your bubble who has symptoms of COVID-19 should:

  • self-isolate in their home;
  • limit interaction with others within their household;
  • avoid close contact with anyone they do not live with, including members of their social bubble; and
  • complete the online self-assessment or phone 811 to determine whether they should be tested for COVID-19.

All members of your social bubble should closely monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.

Limiting your bubble

The size of every social bubble might vary but the maximum number of people in any bubble should be 15. For some, this could include 2 to 3 families or, for others, it could include individual friends or couples. 

The important thing is that your bubble stays consistent and small.

If your bubble's not safe

If your bubble's not safe, or if you know of someone in your community who may be at risk, help's available. For more information, visit the mental health and wellness support during COVID-19 webpage.

Sexualized Assault Response Team

The Sexualized Assault Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the territory. They can connect you with a variety of supports and services. Phone: 1-844-967-7275.

Mental health supports

Mental health supports are available. Contact the Canadian Mental Health Association Yukon and Mental Wellness and Substance Use Services for details.