View student job listings (STEP)

The Student Training and Employment Program (STEP) provides students a way to earn a wage while gaining job experience in their field of study.

We are no longer accepting new STEP applications. The deadline for applications was February 1, 2019.


To apply for STEP jobs you must meet the definition of a Yukon post-secondary student as follows. You must

  • be enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies in or out of Yukon for the January to April semester of this current academic year;
  • be returning to full-time post-secondary studies in the fall OR just graduated this current academic year; and
  • have resided in Yukon for 2 consecutive years immediately prior to commencement of post-secondary classes this academic year or be eligible for the Yukon Grant;


  • be legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • not be a member of the immediate family of the employer or a direct supervisor; and
  • be a Yukon resident.

STEP wages: what do STEP jobs pay?

Wages are at least $20.19 per hour. As your education level increases, so does your pay, as follows:

  • $20.19 per hour upon completion of 1st year of post-secondary
  • $21.64 per hour upon completion of 2nd year
  • $23.15 per hour upon completion of 3rd year
  • $24.77 per hour upon completion of 4th year or higher

Employers other than Government of Yukon may pay higher than these amounts.


Check back in December for STEP jobs available for the summer of 2020.

Employment equity

We are committed to employment equity and a representative workforce. Some STEP jobs may give preference to any of the following:

  • persons of Yukon First Nation ancestry;
  • persons of Aboriginal ancestry or;
  • persons with a disability.

If a job has identified a preference, the job overview will say so.

If you meet the preference requirements, say so in your cover letter or resume. If you are not part of 1 of the preferred groups, you can still apply for the job. If no one from the preferred group meets the screening criteria, we will consider your application. If you are interested in a position, we encourage you to apply.