Jobs for recent post-secondary graduates

Are you a recent graduate who has a post-secondary diploma or degree and is looking for real-world work experience?

We offer 1-year work contracts through our GradCorps internship program that come with a competitive salary, good benefits, and challenging and relevant work in your field of study. After 1 year of working with the Yukon public service, you will have a wealth of transferable knowledge and skills that you can use to forward your career.

Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • be a Yukon resident;
  • have graduated with a diploma or degree from a recognized post-secondary institution within the past 2 years; and
  • have little or no work experience in your field of study.

How to apply

There are at least 2 GradCorps internship positions each year. They are posted every December on our job board.

Wages and benefits

You will receive 80% of the position’s normal starting salary, paid bi-weekly.

You will not be eligible for the Government of Yukon pension plan, but will receive our full benefits package.


For questions about applying on an internship email or phone: 867-667-9501.