When to get the police involved during a tenancy

There may be a time during or at the end of a tenancy when police involvement may be considered.

When to call the RCMP:

  • a landlord legitimately suspects a tenant has passed away;
  • a landlord
    • enters a rental unit after serving proper written notice; or
    • needs to enter because of an emergency; and
    • is concerned that a tenant may physically resist this legal entry;
  • there is
    • excessive noise;
    • imminent serious damage to property or person; or
    • physically threatening confrontations between tenants or between landlords and tenants.
  • the landlord reasonably believes that the rental property is regularly being used for illegal activities
    • they can also call Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods ( SCAN) 867-456-7226.

Phone the RCMP 867-667-5555.

Contact the Sheriff’s Office:

  • when an order of possession from the Residential Tenancies Office (RTO) needs to be executed;
  • properties need to be seized;
  • when a monetary order needs to be enforced; or
  • when documents need to be served; there is a fee for this.

Phone the Sheriff's Office 867-667-5451, or toll free 1-800-661-0408 extension 5451.

When not to contact the RCMP or Sheriff’s Office:

  • to ask to act as a witness;
  • to ask to make a decision regarding landlord and tenant rights;
  • to seize properties to compel payment of monetary order (unless there is a court registered RTO order); or
  • to let a landlord into a residential unit to seize personal property or change the locks (unless there is a court registered RTO order).