Find out building permit fees

Residential building permit fees

Residential building permit fees are based on the construction value of the project multiplied by .005 (0.5%), with a minimum fee of $25.

Current construction values per floor, per square foot:

  • Main floor or crawlspace or slab on grade: $100
  • Main floor or basement: $120
  • Each additional finished floor: $80
  • Garage, shop or accessory building: $50
  • Cold storage shed, deck or carport: $25

Temporary mobile re-locatable industrial camps and mobile homes

  • 5 years or less: $25 for each unit or trailer and $25 for each secondary heat source.
  • 5+ years: The fee is based on the cost of constructing the units plus the cost of setting the units up on site.

Commercial building permit fees

Estimated construction value will be equal to the current normal level of the cost of construction as if placed for open contract bid.


For questions about determining what building permit fees apply to your project email [email protected] or phone: 867-667-5741 or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5741.