Apply to cut or remove trees to use public land

You need a forest resources permit to cut or remove trees on public land, even when you're cutting trees for a use of the land you're already permitted for. The only exception is cutting timber on your mining claim to use for your mining operations. If you do not have a permit you may have to pay a fine or incur other penalties.

Examples of clearing trees for other land uses include:

  • building or maintaining a road;
  • maintaining power lines and other right of ways;
  • developing a gravel quarry;
  • developing a subdivision; or
  • carrying out fuel abatement and FireSmart treatments.

Even if you have a forest resources permit to cut down trees, you may not have the right to use the trees afterwards. Timber cleared for another land use remains the property of the Government of Yukon unless permitted otherwise.

We can help

Talk to your local Compliance, Monitoring and Inspections office about what you want to do with the timber and we’ll help you determine what to apply for.

Apply for a forest resources permit

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Submit your application at your local Compliance Monitoring and Inspections office.
  3. We'll review your application. This will take at least 15 days.
  4. We'll contact you through the information you provided when we decide on your application, or if we need additional information or time.
  5. If approved, you must pay the stumpage fee for the timber when we issue your permit.

Before we issue you a permit, you must complete any required:

  • assessments by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board; or
  • other project authorizations, such as a land use permit.

Be aware of any terms and conditions of your permit

Be sure you are familiar with any rules that apply to your timber harvesting activities. These could include:

  • terms and conditions;
  • standards;
  • guidelines;
  • operating procedures; or
  • reclamation and clean-up obligations.

If you do not want the timber

Compliance, Monitoring and Inspections will try to ensure the timber is used or disposed of if you:

  • do not want rights to the trees; or
  • need help disposing of timber on your claim.

We usually do this by issuing timber rights to:

  • a commercial forest-industry client; or
  • the public for personal use.