Find out how to get a Certificate of Recognition (COR)

COR (Certificate of Recognition)

On this page, COR refers to:

  • COR;
  • SECOR;
  • OCOP; and
  • COREL certifications.

COR is an occupational health and safety certification program.

COR certification is:

  • a contract requirement on Government of Yukon projects involving construction activities; and
  • available to businesses inside and outside Yukon.

Who to contact

If you have questions about Government of Yukon COR requirements for contracts, you can email or phone: 867-667-5385 or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408 ext. 5285.

If you have questions about the COR program, email Northern Safety Network Yukon or phone 867-633-6673.

Types of certification

  • COR – Certificate of Recognition:
    • for companies with 10 employees or more.
  • SECOR – Small Employer Certificate of Recognition:
    • for businesses with less than 10 employees during peak times.
  • OCOP – Owner Operator Certificate of Proficiency:
    • for self-employed workers with no partners, employees or subcontractors
  • COREL – COR Equivalency Letter:
    • for employers that have COR status in another jurisdiction and would like to apply for equivalency to the Yukon COR program and bid on contracts.
    • COREL is issued by Northern Safety Network Yukon (NSNY).

What contracts typically require COR ?

  • All Class “A” hazard construction activities as described in Schedule 1 of Part 18 – Minimum First Aid Requirements.
  • Construction activities identified in Section 1 of Yukon’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, including:
    • erection;
    • alteration;
    • repair;
    • dismantling;
    • demolition;
    • structural maintenance;
    • painting;
    • land clearing;
    • earth moving;
    • grading;
    • excavating;
    • trenching;
    • digging;
    • boring;
    • drilling;
    • blasting;
    • concreting; and
    • the installation of any machinery.

How do you know if a contract requires COR?

COR requirements are stated in the tender documents.

COR certification must be maintained throughout the life of the contract.

Why do you need COR even if you have another safety program?

In 2005, the Yukon Construction Safety Association conducted a Yukon-wide consultation tour. The COR program was chosen among other proposed programs, and it's the only implementation-to-audit safety program:

  • that’s active; and
  • fully available to contractors in Yukon.