How to write a successful bid on a Government of Yukon contract

Public tenders for goods, services and construction are advertised in local papers. You can also view them online:

Each tender opportunity is different, so read everything carefully. You may need to read the document a number of times to make sure you haven't missed anything required for a bid or proposal submission.

Responding to a Request for Bid (RFB) or Invitational Price Request (IPR)

You will need to:

  • fill out the required information, sign the document; and
  • give a price on the bid form that comes with the tender documents.

Responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Qualifications (RFQ) or an Invitational Request for Proposal (IRP)

You will need to do a little more work with a written proposal on how your company offers the best value and is most qualified to do the job.

Where to get help

You'll be given the name and information for the official contact person in the tender. This is the person to contact with any questions you have about that specific tender.

Ask us questions

We can clarify how procurement process works and what is being asked of you. We'll consider each question individually. If all vendors need to be aware of the answer, we:

  • will give both the question and answer to all vendors (through an addendum); and
  • won't identify who asked the question.


We host a free Reverse Trade Show each November. This is when suppliers can meet government buyers and learn about how our procurement works.

The Annual Industry Conference in February brings experts and presenters to Yukon. This is when industry and government learn new procurement ideas and information.