Bid on a government contract

  1. Create a free account
  2. View bidding opportunities
  3. Download and read the tender documents
  4. Complete your submission
  5. Submit your bid
  6. Find out if your bid was successful

The Government of Yukon has replaced the Tender Management System (TMS) with a new, more efficient platform called Yukon bids&tenders. This eProcurement system makes it easier, faster and more reliable for businesses to work with government. Individuals and businesses, including sole proprietors, corporations and partnerships can bid on government contracts.

  1. Create a free account

    To bid on projects posted on or after August 18, 2020, you'll need to register for a new account on Yukon bids&tenders.

    Create a free Yukon bids&tenders account

    Once signed up, you'll be notified by email of bid opportunities that are relevant to you or your business.

    It's important to:

    • select all categories that apply to your business when setting up your account; and
    • maintain your account and ensure it's up to date.


  2. View bidding opportunities

    You can search all Government of Yukon tenders posted after August 18, 2020, on Yukon bids&tenders. You can view tenders by the bid name, status, published date and closing date.


    For tenders posted before August 18, 2020, please refer to the TMS. All projects posted on TMS will close on TMS.


  3. Download and read the tender documents

    When you visit Yukon bids&tenders, you will be able to see Government of Yukon public bid opportunities posted on August 18, 2020 or later. To download and read tender documents, follow these steps:

    1. Preview the bid in the "View Details" page by scrolling down to the document area by clicking on the download button beside the document you wish to preview.
    2. The document will have the "preview" watermark on the document until you've actively registered as a plan taker for that project.
    3. Read the tender document to make sure you meet the criteria.
    4. Contact the project manager through the Yukon bids&tenders portal if you have any questions.


  4. Complete your submission

    Follow the instructions in the tender document as you complete your submission.

    • Register as a plan taker for the project you are interested in.
    • Read and understand the terms and conditions in the tender documents. The terms are binding if your bid or proposal is successful. Do not submit your own terms and conditions or your bid will be rejected.
    • Write your bid or proposal in English.
    • Ensure it's legally binding by having an authorized individual sign your bid.


  5. Submit your bid

    The tender document will indicate how, when and where to submit your bid. Make sure your submission is received before the date and time stated in the tender documents.

    For tenders posted after January 1, 2021:

    • paper-based submissions will no longer be accepted; and
    • hard copies of tender documents will no longer be distributed.


  6. Find out if your bid was successful

    Successful bidders

    You'll be notified by email if your bid was successful. We also post contract award notifications for public tenders on the Yukon bids&tenders site.

    Unsuccessful bidders


    You can request a debrief to find out why your bid or proposal was not successful. Contact the project manager to make an appointment.

    Bid challenge

    Submit a bid challenge if you feel the procurement process was not conducted appropriately.


We encourage people with limited internet access or other concerns to contact us. Phone: 867-667-5385