Find out how educators are evaluated

We have a responsibility to:

  • identify our expectations for educators; and
  • evaluate educators using processes and standards that align with the curriculum.

What you’ll be evaluated on

We’ll evaluate educators on the following foundational principles. As an educator, you must show:

  • a focus on professional growth and annual growth planning;
  • the ability to apply standards to align with expectations in the school curriculum;
  • a correlation between research-based educational practices, student learning and teacher evaluation; and
  • the use of fair, collaborative, and well-understood processes.

Why we evaluate educators

Our supervision and evaluation processes are done:

  • to continue to improve the quality of education in Yukon;
  • in an environment that honours the commitment and integrity of staff and children; and
  • with an expectation that all staff work together to make sure our processes are respectful, honest and fair.

We acknowledge:

  • professional and personal growth are a developmental process; and
  • educators move through a variety of career and life stages.

For questions, email or phone 867-332-7584.