Apply for a Yukon teacher certificate

  • Eligibility
  • After you apply
  • Apply for teacher certification

Teachers working in Yukon public schools must be certified in the territory. To get certification, you must have a teaching qualification document from another Canadian jurisdiction. This does not apply to you if you're a graduate of the Yukon Native Teacher Education Program or the Bachelor of Education After Degree program at Yukon University.

  1. Eligibility

    To be eligible for a Yukon teacher certificate, you must be:

    • Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a work permit;
    • of good moral character and have sound judgement; and
    • a fit and proper person to teach school students.

    Qualification documents for a Yukon teacher certificate

    You must hold a qualification document in good standing, such as:

    • a certificate;
    • a license;
    • registration; or
    • other forms of official recognition from another Canadian jurisdiction.

    Or, you must've completed an approved bachelor of education degree:

    • at a university or college in Yukon; or
    • under the auspices of Yukon Education.

  2. After you apply

    We’ll email you when your application package is with the registrar for review. Once reviewed, we’ll notify you in writing if you’re:

    • approved;
    • approved with restrictions or conditions;
    • or denied.

    Restrictions and conditions

    If you have not taught in the past 2 years, you may get a Yukon teacher certificate with restrictions or conditions such as:

    • extra training or experience requirements; and
    • more examinations or assessments.

    You may get a Yukon teacher certificate with restrictions or conditions, or be denied if:

    • your most recent certification from another jurisdiction has restrictions or conditions; or
    • you’ve faced complaints or criminal or disciplinary proceedings related to:
      • you as a teacher;
      • your conduct; or
      • your character.

    Read the Teacher Certification Regulations for more information Yukon teacher certification.

  3. Apply for teacher certification

    Are you a graduate of a teacher education program at Yukon University (YNTEP/BEAD)? This Yukon University graduate guide and tracker may be helpful.

    Are you a graduate of a teacher education program from somewhere other than Yukon University? This guide and tracker may be helpful.

    Request your references, transcripts, statements of professional standing and criminal record/vulnerable sector check

    When you apply to be certified to work as a teacher in the Yukon, we need:

    • your references;
    • your transcripts; and
    • a statement of your professional standing in all jurisdictions where you hold teacher certification.

    Confidential references

    • You'll need 2 written references, using the confidential reference for teacher certification forms.
    • You must have known your references for at least 2 years.
    • Your references cannot be relatives.
    • You must complete and sign the 1st page before giving the document to your references.
    • Reference forms must include information about your:
      • abilities; and
      • suitability for teaching.
    • Your references must submit their reference form directly to us.

    Official transcripts

    • We need to receive your official transcripts from all of the post-secondary educational institutions you attended.
    • If you’re a recent graduate, do not order transcripts until your transcripts show your degree was issued.
    • You must ask for transcripts for transfer credits.
    • Internationally educated teachers must ask for a course-by-course equivalency from a credential evaluation service. This document is required for placement on the teacher pay scale.
    • Educational institutions must submit your transcripts. You must not send them to us yourself.

    Statement(s) of professional standing

    • We need to receive a "statement of professional standing" from each jurisdiction where you hold teacher certification. This confirms your teacher certification is in good standing.
    • The issuing jurisdiction must submit this statement. You must not send this to us yourself.
    • The information listed on public registries does not meet this requirement.

    Current criminal record and vulnerable sector check

    • Submit the original document. We'll return it to you if you ask us to.
    • Criminal record and vulnerable sector documents must be received within 90 days of issue from the RCMP or issuing body. 
    • If your application for teacher certification takes longer than 6 months to complete, you'll need to request a new check.
    • To ask for this document:
      • visit your local RCMP detachment;
      • bring 2 pieces of identification with you;
      • follow the instructions the RCMP give you to complete the process;
      • pay the fee for a vulnerable sector check – this fee can vary.

    Prepare your application

    Once you've arranged for your references, transcripts and statement of professional standing to be sent, you can submit your application.

    Gather your supporting documents

    Make sure to gather your supporting documents, starting with your application for Yukon teacher certification. 

    Your teacher certification document

    We'll need a copy of your valid Canadian teaching certificates, licence or registration. If you hold a conditional or interim certificate, submit information on the conditions on your certificate.


    Graduates of the Yukon Native Teacher Education Program do not need to submit a teacher certification. The Yukon certifies these graduates directly. No statement of professional standing is required.

    Teaching or practice teaching evaluations
    • New as well as experienced teachers must send us a recent evaluation.
    • Evaluations should not be older than 18 months.
    • If you do not have a current evaluation, ask your most recent or current supervisor to complete a questionnaire.
    • If you’re a new teacher, submit copies of your final practice teaching evaluation.
    Proof of identity, citizenship or employment status

    You must provide 1 piece of government identification which can be your:

    • passport;
    • birth certificate;
    • permanent resident card; or
    • work permit.

    We must verify your identification. Do not send us copies of your identification. Contact us to arrange a time for verification in person or by video call.

    Other things we may need from you

    We may also ask you for:

    • a record of all your prior experience as a teacher;
    • evidence of your oral and written skills in English or French; and
    • more information if we need it to verify your documents.


    How to apply

    1. Make sure that you've arranged to have your supporting documents sent to us.
    2. Download and complete the application form.
    3. Gather your other supporting documents:
      • teacher certification document;
      • recent evaluations or a complete teaching questionnaire;
      • a criminal record and vulnerable sector check (the original); and
      • copies of your identification. We will verify these in person or by video call.
    4. Submit your application.

    Submit your application

    You can send us your documents by mail, email or in person.

    In person: You can make an appointment with us if you have any queries or would like us to check your documents. Or, you can just drop off your documents. You can make an appointment by email or phone.

    You can make an appointment with us if you:

    • have any queries;
    • would like us to check your documents; or
    • want to drop off your documents.

    If you’re dropping off your documents:

    • make sure you seal them in an envelope labelled “E-15 Teacher Certification”;
    • come to the Education building at 1000 Lewes Boulevard in Whitehorse; and
    • give the envelope to any Department of Education staff member and ask them to place it in the Teacher Certification mailbox.

    We strongly recommend using a secure file transfer link. Send us an email [email protected] and we'll provide you with a link.

    Teacher Certification
    Department of Education
    Box 2703, E-15
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    Y1A 2C6

    Phone: 867-471-0921


For questions, email [email protected] or phone 867-471-0921.