Apply to be a teacher on call

  • Before you apply
  • Rates of pay
  • How to apply
  • How to find and accept teacher-on-call assignments

  1. Before you apply


    To be eligible for a teacher-on-call position, you must be legally eligible to work in Canada. To be eligible, you must:

    • be a Canadian citizen;
    • be a permanent resident; or
    • have a work permit.

    What you need to apply

    You need the following information to apply to become a teacher on call:

    • Security clearance (RCMP vulnerable sector check). 
    • A teaching certificate and licence number is not required but is preferred. 

    Security clearance

    To complete a security clearance, follow these steps.

    1. Visit your local police detachment with 2 pieces of identification.
    2. Follow the instructions given to you by the police detachment to complete the process. The fee for a vulnerable sector check can vary. Ask the police detachment about the cost. 
    3. Bring the original to Department of Education's Human Resources Branch.
      In person: Education Building (entrance to parking on Hospital Road), 1000 Lewes Boulevard in Whitehorse. We’re open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

    Your vulnerable sector check is valid for 2 years from the date the police verifies the search. You must keep it current, even if it expires in the middle of a school year.

  2. Rates of pay

    As a teacher on call you're a member of the Yukon Association of Education Professionals (YAEP). As per the YAEP Collective Agreement: 

    • you're paid by the day, not the hour;
    • a full workday shows as 5 hours on your pay advice forms, even though the length of a school day varies at each school;
    • your qualifications determine your pay;and 
    • long term assignments in the same position may result in higher rates of pay. 

    Category 1 – $164.64 per day

    You qualify as a Category 1 teacher on call if you do not have a teaching certificate or a bachelor’s degree.

    Category 2 – $202.89 per day

    You qualify as a Category 2 teacher on call if you hold a bachelor’s degree. You must provide a copy of your transcripts to show proof of your degree.

    Your Category 2 rate:

    • takes effect on the date we receive your transcripts; and
    • is not retroactive to your 1st day of work.

    Category 1 pay rate applies until the day we receive your transcripts.

    Category 3 – $264.56 per day

    You qualify as a Category 3 teacher on call if you're a certified teacher. You must add 1 of the following to your profile to qualify:

    • a copy of your valid Yukon teaching certificate;
    • a valid teaching certificate from another Canadian jurisdiction; or
    • a letter of eligibility for a teaching certificate in Canada with your transcripts.

    Your Category 3 rate:

    • takes effect on the date we receive these documents; and
    • is not retroactive to your 1st day of work.

    A Category 1 pay rate applies until the day we receive your documentation.

  3. How to apply

    All teacher-on-call jobs end after each school year. You must apply each year to be on the teacher-on-call list through the online system. You can find the current teacher on call job postings on the Yukon government's e-recruitment page. Consult the Education e-recruitment how-to guide for step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the system. Follow these steps to apply.

    1. Create an e-recruitment profile or login to your existing account.
    2. Add or update your résumé and cover letter.
    3. Go to “View All Jobs” and find the teacher on call job posting.
    4. Select “Apply to this Job”.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    What's next

    After you complete your application, you'll receive emails:

    • confirming your profile has been set up; and
    • notifying you that you’ve successfully applied on the job posting.

  4. How to find and accept teacher-on-call assignments


    EasyConnect is a system that contacts you when assignments are available. 

    On the same day:

    • Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 12 pm

    For future days:

    • Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 9 pm; and
    • Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm.

    Statutory holidays are treated as Sunday.

    Employee identification number (EIN)

    You may need your employee identification number (EIN) when contacted for an assignment. You can find this:

    • on your pay stub; or
    • through your online profile under "edit preferences" on the occasional employee section.

    How to accept teacher-on-call assignments

    Once you accept an assignment, EasyConnect will not contact you for other assignments that take place at the same time. If you do not accept the assignment, EasyConnect will contact other names on the list.

    EasyConnect can contact you by:

    • phone call;
    • text message; and 
    • email.

    After EasyConnect contacts you about a teacher-on-call assignment, you can respond: 

    • by phone call; or
    • through your Yukon Education account

    Phone call:

    1. When asked, enter your employee identification number (EIN) and choose # on the keypad.
    2. Choose 5 to accept or 4 to decline.
    3. Choose 2 to repeat.
    Phoning EasyConnect:

    Phone toll free 1-855-279-3279.

    1. Enter school district 16 for Yukon Education.
    2. Enter your EIN and choose # on the keypad.
    3. Listen to the assignments available.
    4. Choose 5 to accept or 4 to decline.
    5. You'll get a confirmation email when you accept.

    Your Yukon Education account:

    You can respond to EasyConnect's phone call, text message or email in your account.

    1. Go to the Yukon Education account page where you can log in or sign up.
    2. Under the "occasional employees" tab, go to your "postings archive" page. 
    3. Choose the assignment you're interested in.
    4. Choose "accept". 
    5. You'll get a confirmation email when you accept.

    How to update your availability

    1. Log into your Yukon Education account.
    2. Under the "occasional employees" tab, choose "my calendar".
    3. Choose the arrows at the top of the calendar to change the month.

    One-time occurrence event

    1. Choose to "add an event".
    2. Add a description that is only visible to you.
    3. Choose a date.
    4. Choose "all day" or the hours you're unavailable.
    5. If you choose "until further notice", you'll be booked out until you change it. 
    6. Choose "save".

    Recurring event

    1. Choose to "add an event".
    2. Add a description that is only visible to you. 
    3. Choose the days of the week of your recurring event. 
    4. Choose "all day" or the hours you're unavailable. 
    5. Choose "save". 

    For more details on accepting teacher-on-call assignments, review your online account and EasyConnect.  


If you have questions email