Find out about the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC)

The Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) provides information on family law issues and court procedures. It's a legal resource for:

  • separating or divorcing couples; and
  • families in transition.

Staff can confidentially assist both parties with their court matters.

Is there a fee?

Family Law Information Centre services are free to the public. Anyone who needs information about Yukon family law matters can use the centre. It's important to understand and remember that staff members do not take the place of a lawyer.

As a public service, Family Law Information Centre staff are neutral people who provide:

  • legal information; and
  • educational materials.

What can the Family Law Information Centre do for you?

Staff can:

  • give you information on family law;
  • provide various publications on family law matters, including self-help guides;
  • offer some help with completing court forms;
  • provide computers for public use to:
    • research family law matters; and
    • access and prepare court forms;
  • notarize your court forms; and
  • provide referrals to other organizations and agencies.


The centre offers a series of free workshops in a group setting. Those who take part in the workshops can learn about:

  • family law;
  • impacts of separation and divorce on children;
  • communication skills; and
  • conflict management.

To register

Drop by the office: 1st floor of the Andrew A. Philipsen Law Centre, 2134 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse.

You can also register by calling 867-667-3066 or by emailing

Group workshops and info sessions 

You need to pre-register for all group workshops.
We'll send you a Zoom link and information for online workshops once you register.

For the sake of the children

Managing conflict after separation or divorce

Communication skills after separation or divorce

What the centre cannot do

  • Provide legal advice (for legal advice, you must consult a lawyer).
  • Recommend a litigation strategy.
  • Represent you or appear in court on your behalf.


The staff at the Family Law Information Centre do not take the place of a lawyer. There's no attorney-client relationship between you and the staff. We strongly encourage you to hire a lawyer for legal advice and strategy.


For more information, contact the Family Law Information Centre.

In person: Andrew A. Philipsen Law Centre (ground floor), 2134 Second Avenue, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm
Phone: 867-456-6721, or toll free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 6721