Find out about domestic and sexualized violence leave

Domestic and sexualized violence leave

Domestic and sexual violence leave can be taken all at once, as single days or in groups of days. The leave provides:

  • 5 days of paid leave; and
  • 5 days of unpaid leave.

If needed, a longer-term of up to 15 unpaid weeks can be taken. This leave may be taken non-consecutively or not all at once with the employer’s consent.

When does an employee qualify for this leave?

After 90 days of employment

  • Paid short-term leave
  • Unpaid long-term leave

Immediately upon employment

Unpaid short-term leave

What proof is required?

No proof is required to take this leave. An employer can require that a notice form be used to request the leave.

The Act allows employees to access paid and unpaid leave under these situations if they're a:

  • victim of domestic or sexualized violence targeted at the victim because of their sexuality or gender;
  • person who experiences violence by supporting a child, family member, intimate partner;
  • a close friend who is the victim or domestic or sexualized violence; and
  • victim of domestic violence, that includes violence by a family member or intimate partner.

Resources for employers

  • Download an example of a notice form that a business can use for their employees to ask for domestic and sexualized violence leave.

For more information

  • Read the fact sheet about domestic and sexualized violence leave under the Employment Standards Act.
  • Read the fact sheet about domestic violence and residential tenancies under the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.
  • Read the "Did you know?" infographic to learn domestic and sexualized violence leave and paid or unpaid time off.
  • Visit the Women and Gender Equity Directorate for more resources.

For more information contact the Employment Standards Office. Email [email protected] or phone 867-667-5944. If you're a victim of domestic or sexualized violence, find supports for you.