Find children's dental health services

  • Our school dental program
  • Yukon's preschool dental program
  • Videos and resources for children and parents
  • Referrals to dentists in private practice
  • Dental emergencies

We provide dental services to Yukon children. These services are available to all children from newborn to Grade 12, depending on where you live.

We provide diagnostic, preventative and restorative services.

  1. Our school dental program

    Students from kindergarten to Grade 8 are able to receive dental services from the Yukon Children’s Dental Program at elementary schools in Whitehorse and rural communities with a resident dentist. 

    Is there a cost for these services?

    There's no cost to you. We cover the cost.

    How to enrol

    Each year, you're required to complete our consent for examination form. Once the form is complete, your child is eligible to receive:

    • dental examination;
    • diagnostic x-ray films, if required;
    • oral hygiene instruction;
    • cleaning and scaling of teeth;
    • fluoride application; and
    • sealants.

    Dental examinations

    For children in school

    A dentist performs your child's 1st examination. In alternate years, either a dentist or a dental therapist or hygienist will examine your child.

    For children in home-school

    To make an appointment for your home-schooled child, phone 867-667-8360, toll free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 8360.

    Dental treatments

    If your child requires dental treatment, a consent for treatment form will be sent home to:

    • inform you of your child’s dental needs; and
    • obtain your written consent.

    You need to give written consent for us to provide any treatment for your child.

    Once we've received your written consent, your child will receive the dental treatment. This may include:

    • fillings (silver amalgam or white composite resins);
    • stainless steel crowns (baby teeth only);
    • pulpotomies (baby teeth only);
    • extractions, if required; and 
    • other emergency dental services.

    We may also need to meet with you.

    You may have scheduled meetings with the dental therapist or hygienist to discuss your child's dental health concerns.

  2. Yukon's preschool dental program

    Our preschool dental program is free for children, newborn to 5 years of age. We recommend that your child visits a dental therapist or dentist before their 1st birthday.


    A preschool dental therapist is available for consultations. You can meet with the therapist and get ideas and tips on how to keep your child’s teeth and mouth healthy.

    How to access this service

    In Whitehorse, you can have a consultations at 9010 Quartz Road. The preschool dental therapist makes regularly scheduled visits to communities outside of Whitehorse.

    To book a consultation with a preschool dental therapist, phone 867-456-6510, toll-free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 6510.


    Preschool or home-school clinics are held each month. At the clinic, your child will receive a dental examination.

    How to access this service

    In Whitehorse, clinics are held at 9010 Quartz Road. Clinics are also held in communities outside of Whitehorse. We do not have a preschool clinician. Please call to have your child added to the waitlist.

    To book an appointment or find out when a clinic will be held in your community, phone 867-667-8360, toll-free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 8360.

    Is there a cost for these services?

    There's no cost to you. We cover the cost.

    What happens once your child enters kindergarten?

    Once your child enters kindergarten, they move into our school dental program. 

  3. Videos and resources for children and parents

    Overview of the Yukon Children’s Dental Program

    This video provides information about:

    • our program and its benefits;
    • how you can participate, and
    • why good oral hygiene is important to your child’s overall health.

    How to brush and floss

    This video:

    • focuses on the importance of proper brushing and flossing;
    • teaches how to best clean your children’s teeth; and
    • provides tips on how to help children take care of their teeth.

    You can also use this brushing chart to keep track.

    What happens during a fluoride treatment?

    This video:

    • focuses on the importance of regular check-ups with dental professionals; and
    • demonstrates what happens during a visit to the dental therapist for a fluoride treatment.

    Lift your child’s lip

    Preventing cavities starts with parents. Lifting your child's lip allows you to see tooth decay early and get help from a dental health provider for prevention and treatment.

    Smile! For good nutrition and dental health

    Help your child take care of their teeth by:

    • making healthy food choices; and
    • practising good dental hygiene.

    Find out more about how healthy food and regular brushing are important for good dental health. 

  4. Referrals to dentists in private practice

    Sometimes, we may refer children to dentists in private practice. This is for preventative and restorative services that are normally provided by a dental therapist.

    We'll only cover services:

    • identified by the dental therapist; and
    • described on the referral.

    The referral expires 6 months from the date it was issued.

  5. Dental emergencies

    If your child has a dental emergency:

    • phone us at 867-667-8360; or
    • contact the dental therapist at the school your child attends.

    You can reach dental therapists and hygienists by calling the school dental clinics.