Prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a brain injury that babies are born with. It's caused by drinking alcohol while you're pregnant. This is the only known cause.

  • Drinking any amount of alcohol while you're pregnant can be harmful.
  • Drinking more than 2 drinks a day or drinking regularly cause the most harm to developing babies.

Any reduction in drinking helps

Every single step you take to stop drinking while you're pregnant is helpful. Quitting or reducing the amount of alcohol you drink at any stage of your pregnancy is a healthy move.

Find out about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Where to get help

If you're concerned about how much alcohol you drink or how much a friend or family member drinks during pregnancy:

  • phone us at 1-855-667-5777; or
  • talk to your health care provider.

You can also find out about adult counselling services in Yukon.

Help someone have an alcohol-free pregnancy

Our drinking habits are shaped by those around us. Here are some ways that partners, families and friends can help pregnant people not to drink.

  • Offer non-alcoholic drinks at social gatherings, such as juice, soda water or tea. Try serving soda water and fruit juice in a fancy glass.
  • Offer practical support, such as babysitting, making a meal or running an errand. Ask them what would help reduce stress in their life.
  • Take a break yourself from during alcohol during the pregnancy. Or avoid drinking around them. Having someone go alcohol-free for part or all of the pregnancy can be helpful and encouraging.
  • Choose a coffee shop or restaurant instead of a bar when you go out.
  • Enjoy social activities that do not involve alcohol – watch a movie, go for a walk or go to a local performance.
  • Often, drinking can be a way to cope with difficulties in life, such as depression or isolation. Assume they're are doing the best they can and let them know you’re willing to help when they're ready to make a change.

Ideas for the holidays

If you host a holiday gathering, have non-alcoholic drinks and plenty of food on hand.

Get recipes for mocktails.

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