Wilderness tourism operations during COVID-19

Wilderness tourism operators and clients from Canada can now make alternative self-isolation plans. This is possible as long as health and safety measures are followed.

This process includes:

  • Applying for an exemption by completing the operational plan for your company.
  • Following the 2021 COVID-19 management practices for wilderness tourism operators. These were developed by the Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon. Contact the association to learn more or obtain a copy.
  • Ensuring:
    • your plan has been approved before work begins; and
    • public health measures are in place at all times.

Note that citizens from other countries cannot enter Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions.

How to apply for a self-isolation exemption

  1. Download an operational plan. Complete it using the wilderness tourism operators guidelines.
  2. Submit your operational plan to COVID19info@yukon.ca for review and approval.

The approval is for alternative self-isolation only. It does not give authority for activity that requires a licence, permit or permission.

Operators need to get licences, permits and permissions for their operations. Contact the Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon for more information.

The COVID-19 response unit will do it's best to respond within 72 hours or 3 business days.


After your plan's approved


Once we approve your plan, follow all management practices.

These practices are outlined in the 2021 COVID-19 Management Practices for Wilderness Tourism Operators document. You can obtain a copy through the Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon

Find out how to self-isolate.


Travel in Yukon

Guides and clients must travel without delay or detour to their self-isolation locations.

If the tour ends before 14 days of self-isolation, clients must leave Yukon immediately.