Find help to make informed food choices

Making informed food choices is about:

  • becoming more knowledgeable about the choices you make;
  • taking steps to make it easy to make choices for yourself and your family.

National recommendations

Traditional foods

You can harvest many healthy foods from the land in Yukon. Eating traditional foods can help you connect to your culture while improving your health.

You can also use this fun traditional foods colouring book to help kids get interested in eating healthy traditional foods.

What about vitamin D?

Yukoners need vitamin D at every stage of life and in every season. Find out more about the importance of vitamin D.

Meal planning

Build a healthy relationship with food

Ellyn Satter Institute provides resources to build healthy relationships with food and bring the joy back into eating.

Healthy drinks

Read up about healthier beverage options for your family, such as water, milk and smoothies.

Resources for families

Eating well at work

Get ideas on how to host a healthy meeting.

Resources for teachers and schools

What does the Health Promotion dietitian do?

We support healthy choices in Yukon by:

  • providing training and resources to support health professionals;
  • helping to develop policies and guidelines to support healthy food environments;
  • developing programs and initiatives to raise awareness about nutrition;
  • improving access to:
    • nutritious foods;
    • food knowledge; and
    • cooking skills;
  • supporting NGOs and community groups in delivering healthy eating and cooking programs by providing:
    • training; and
    • small grants;
  • promoting positive social and cultural traditions around eating;
  • developing healthy eating resources that are relevant and accessible to all Yukon people;
  • responding to community requests for presentations, with priority given to requests that are focused on building or skills or capacity.

If you have questions, email [email protected].

Phone: 867-456-6160; toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 6160.

Fax: 867-456-6502

Government of Yukon
Nutrition (HP–305)
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