Find information for health professionals about immunization

Immunization is the best way to protect our community from vaccine preventable diseases. 

Here is the routine immunization manual for health professionals.

Immunization manual

Section Title Updated
i Amendments and additions list June 2021
1 Introduction
July 2021
July 2021

Informed consent
Guidance on consent for minors

June 2021
May 2021

3 Immunization schedule July 2022
4 Contraindications and routine precautions July 2021

Immunization of special populations
RSV application form

October 2022
6 Administration of biological products April 2020
7 Storage and handling of immunization agents May 2021
8 Biological products:
COVID-19 vaccines
COVID-19 vaccine guidance for internationally vaccinated clients
Diphtheria and tetanus-containing vaccines
Hib vaccine
Hepatitis vaccines
Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine
Immune globulins (HBIg, Ig, RabIg, TIg)
Influenza vaccines
Meningococcal vaccines
MMR and MMRV vaccines
Monoclonal antibodies (palivizumab)
Monkeypox and Smallpox vaccines
Pneumococcal vaccines
Polio vaccine
Rabies vaccine
Rotavirus vaccine
Travel vaccines
Varicella vaccine
Zoster vaccine
October 2022
9 Documentation guidelines August 2016
10 Planning, evaluation and off-site clinics March 2011
11 Immunization work plans (contact your manager for this section) February 2012
12 Anaphylaxis October 2012
13 Adverse events following immunization
AEFI User Guide with FAQs
July 2021
July 2021
14 Principles of immunology March 2011
16 Blood and body fluid exposure management July 2018

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