Register your child in homeschooling and distance or distributed learning

  • Homeschooling
  • Distance or distributed learning

  1. Homeschooling

    Yukon families can choose to educate their children at home.

    Register for home education English program

    For homeschooling in English, register with the Aurora Virtual School (AVS).

    AVS staff help with:

    • setting up a home education program;
    • meeting the Department of Education requirements, such as:
      • creating educational plans;
      • arranging for achievement testing and provincial exams; and
    • choosing educational resources.


    AVS also arranges for home educators to:

    • borrow textbooks and equipment from the Department of Education’s Resource Services unit; and
    • provides access to the ERAC Digital Classroom.

    Register for home education French First Language

    The Yukon Francophone School Board / Commissions scolaire francophone du Yukon (CSFY) manages a homeschooling program in French called École Nomade. You have to register with the program École Nomade.

    The services include support and resources for families that are:

    • homeschooling;
    • travelling and wish to continue the academic progress of their child; or
    • living in rural communities and cannot access French First Language programs.


  2. Distance or distributed learning

    Distributed learning allows students to take courses even if they are not in the same location as the teacher.

    Distributed learning may involve:

    • online instruction;
    • streaming video; and
    • some face-to-face classroom time.

    Why choose distributed learning?

    • To take a course that the school does not offer.
    • There is a scheduling conflict and a course cannot be taken at the school.
    • A missed deadline to take a school course.
    • For part-time students who need the flexibility to work.
    • To make up a course that was not successfully completed.
    • If the student is out of the territory for part of the school year.

    Register for distributed learning

    Contact the Aurora Virtual School.