Learn about the Teen Parent Centre

If you want to go to school while you're expecting or after your child is born, the Teen Parent Centre can help you complete your high school education. Our education program offers flexible options so that you can graduate from high school.

The Teen Parent Centre has a wide range of flexible programming options to support teen parents access school in a way that works for them. Our team can work with you to set up a program that you can manage. You can work toward completion of your Dogwood or Adult Dogwood diploma or post-secondary entrance requirements. 

Holistic Services offered

  • The Teen Parent Centre Child Care Society offers free on-site childcare for infants and toddlers.
  • Support for healthy living, including nutrition, parenting and child development.
  • Life skills, personal support and family support.

Flexible Educational Options Available to Students

  • Access programming delivered on site with a teacher at the Teen Parent Centre.
  • Access online courses (both synchronous and asynchronous) through Aurora Virtual School.
  • Access in person support through self-paced individualized programming at the Individual Learning Centre.
  • Attend classes at a mainstream high school.
  • Attend in person or online tutoring sessions.
  • Support setting up tutorials.

How to register

Phone the Teen Parent Centre 867-456-6061.