Learn about the Wood Street Centre programs

Yukon High school students may choose to take part in the programs offered at Wood Street Centre. The centre provides dynamic student programming through experiential programs in English or French.


You must be a Yukon student to register.

Programs offered

Does participating in these programs affect graduation?

You gain the same amount of credits for graduation as you would at any high school in Yukon.

What to expect

  • Gain high-level academic learning through:
    • classroom learning;
    • laboratory experiments;
    • field trips; and
    • outdoor projects.
  • Maintain and enhance the standards of the BC curriculum.
  • Give students an opportunity to learn through experience.
  • Provide students with an opportunity for leadership.
  • Develop understandings and make connections with Yukon First Nations.
  • Provide a sense of belonging and community relationships.
  • Programs are developed using a holistic approach working to balance:
    • mental;
    • physical;
    • emotional; and
    • spiritual health.

How to register

  1. Complete your application in December or January for the coming school year.
  2. To complete the application, visit the program webpage that interest you. Application deadlines are the same for all programs.
  3. To apply find the application here
  4. Submit your application to the Wood Street Centre:
    In person: Wood Street Centre, 411 Wood Street in Whitehorse. We’re open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Email: susanne.hingley@yukon.ca
    Fax: 867-393-6244
    Wood Street Centre
    411 Wood Street, Yukon Y1A 2E9

Your school counsellor can submit your application on your behalf.

Rural student residence

Yukon rural students in the Wood Street programs can stay at:

Want to learn more?

Visit the Wood Street Centre website.


If you have questions, email Susanne.Hingley@yukon.ca or phone 867-667-8413.