Learn about mosquito control in the Yukon

Duka Environmental Services carries out the mosquito control program in the Yukon. They apply larvicide to temporary ponds and puddles to reduce mosquito annoyance to people.

Program dates

The mosquito control program takes place between April and August.

Local community offices will be notified of aerial application dates.

Mosquito control larvicide

Larvicide (VectoBac 200G) is applied to standing water like ponds from the air and by hand. It's only harmful to mosquitoes and has no effect on insects, fish, birds, or mammals.

Report ponds or still water near you

You can contact Duka Environmental Services to report any ponds or other still water near you. Phone: 1-604-881-4565 or toll free at 1-800-681-3472.

Reduce the risk

  • Make sure you drain any standing water on your property:
    • eaves and drains;
    • buckets, flower pots and plastic containers.
  • Fill in low depressions in lawn and check flat roofs.
  • Cover rain barrel with mosquito-proof mesh.

For more information about the mosquito control program, phone 867-667-8945.