Apply for a permit to use pesticides around your home

Domestic pesticides

You can apply pesticides without a permit, in and around your residences if you are more than 30 metres away from an open body of water.

You need a pesticide use or service permit:

  • to use pesticides within 30 metres of an open body of water; or
  • if you are a landlord applying pesticides in a tenant's home.

Only trained professionals are permitted to apply domestic pesticides on daycare, nursing home and school or hospital property. You need a pesticide use or service permit and a pesticide applicator's certificate

Apply for a pesticide use or service permit

  1. Complete the pesticide use or service permit application.
  2. Submit your application.
    Email: [email protected]
    In person: at the Department of Environment office at 10 Burns Road in Whitehorse. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Environmental Protection and Assessment
    Government of Yukon 
    Box 2703 (V-8)
    Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6