What to do if you think you have mould in your home

Where can you get testing

We cannot offer testing or remediation. Local building contractors may be able to provide testing.

Health concerns

According to Health Canada, mould growth in homes may pose a health hazard. To avoid potential health problems, Health Canada recommends that you:

  • remove any mould that already exists in your home; and
  • take steps to minimize dampness in your home.

This will reduce the likelihood of future mould growth.

Since some people are more sensitive than others, it’s impossible to establish a safe limit for mould. Talk to your doctor if you suspect that your – or someone else's – health problems might be related to exposure to mould.

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If you have questions about housing and mould, email environmental.health@gov.yk.ca or phone 867-667-8391, toll-free 1-800-661-0408 extension 8391.