Make an emergency plan

An emergency plan helps everyone in your family know what to do in an emergency, how to contact each other and where to meet.

Make a plan for your family. It will take about 20 minutes. Give a copy to every member of your family.

Your emergency plan should include:

  • 2 ways out of each room of your home in case of fire

  • Emergency exits from your home

  • Escape routes from your neighbourhood

  • Meeting places for your family to reconnect

  • Designated caregivers for children

  • Meeting special health needs

  • Shelter for pets

  • Emergency contacts and important information

  • Utility shut offs and home instructions

Make an emergency plan for people with disabilities and special needs

Test your plan

Read and review your emergency plan with your family twice a year. Make adjustments for seasonal conditions; practice your escape routes and update your emergency contacts’ information.