Who responds to emergencies

Depending on the nature and location of an emergency, a response may involve 1 or more agencies.

Emergency Measures Organization (EMO)

  • EMO coordinates resources in the territory to support emergency response.
  • EMO can request extra resources within North America if needed.
  • They coordinate recovery efforts on behalf of the government.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

  • Paramedics and volunteers deliver critical care to patients.
  • Medevac moves patients between: communities, territorial hospitals, and health care facilities outside Yukon.

Emergency Support Services

  • Emergency Support Services coordinates reception centres for people affected by a large-scale emergency.
  • Reception centres allow people to access services including shelter, food and clothing.

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Wildland Fire Management

  • Wildland Fire Management plans for, prevents and fights wildfires. This protects people, property and natural resources.

Structural fire service

Fire Marshal's Office

  • The Fire Marshal’s Office trains volunteer firefighters in 16 unincorporated communities.
  • Community firefighters respond to local fire events when they are available.
  • They do structural search and rescue, vehicle extrication and medical first response.

Municipal fire departments

Environmental Protection Branch

The Environmental Protection Branch assesses and cleans up spills.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

The RCMP is the territorial police service. It enforces federal, territorial and municipal laws.

Yukon Search and Rescue Association

Civil Air Search and Rescue Association

  • This volunteer organization provides aerial search and rescue services.
  • It operates under the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, with direction from the RCMP.