Yukon territorial parks and other conservation areas

The Yukon has 8 territorial parks and 12 habitat protection or special management areas. Some of these areas are established and some are in the process of being designated protected areas.

Canada-Yukon Nature Agreement 

Currently, 19.1 per cent of the Yukon is protected under the Canadian Protected and Conserved Areas Database

The agreement invests $20.6 million to protect and conserve new areas of the Yukon and enhance efforts to protect species at risk. 

The Canada-Yukon Nature agreement will help with: 

  • identifying and reporting new protected areas to achieve 25 per cent of the landscape conserved by 2025; 
  • supporting Indigenous leadership in conservation; 
  • creating a pathway to protect 30 per cent of the landscape by 2030;
  • advancing efforts to protect species at risk together with Yukon First Nations, transboundary First Nations and the Inuvialuit; and 
  • increasing knowledge collection and data sharing between the governments of Canada, the Yukon and Yukon First Nations, transboundary First Nations and the Inuvialuit. 

Learn more about the Canada-Yukon Nature Agreement

Yukon Parks Strategy

The Yukon Parks Strategy sets the long-term direction for the Yukon’s territorial parks system from 2020 to 2030. It will help ensure healthy land, healthy people and a healthy economy.

Major actions include:

  • extending the camping season from May 1 to September 30;
  • building a new campground near Whitehorse with up to 150 campsites;
  • co-developing a collaborative management framework with Yukon First Nations;
  • developing new trails in territorial parks;
  • increasing the number of accessible wilderness experiences at boat-in and hike-in campsites;
  • expanding park infrastructure;
  • testing a campground reservation system; and
  • developing a Parks System Plan.

Read the Yukon Parks Strategy.

Yukon territorial parks

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