Campsite reservations

  • Reserve a site
  • Changes, cancellations and closures
  • Park and campground policies

  1. Reserve a site

    How to make a reservation

    Create a MyYukon account using the "sign in" link at the top of Ensure you sign in before reserving a campsite. 

    Please note:

    • The reservation holder (“occupant”) you name when booking your reservation must be present upon arrival and throughout the stay.
    • Reservations are non-transferable to another person or another campground.

    2024 important dates

    Backcountry campgrounds in Tombstone Territorial Park

    Reservations open March 6 at 9 am
    Dates available to reserve June 28 to September 8
    Campgrounds with reservable sites Grizzly Lake
    Divide Lake
    Talus Lake

    Frontcountry campgrounds

    Reservations open April 10 at 9 am
    Dates available to reserve May 3 to September 30

    Campgrounds with reservable sites

    (50% of campsites are reservable; 

    50% are first-come, first-served)

    Marsh Lake

    Pine Lake

    Wolf Creek

    Tombstone Mountain


    Daily campground permit $18 per campsite, per night
    Reservation, backcountry campground $10 per reservation, in addition to campground permit fee
    Reservation, frontcountry campground $0 - no additional reservation fee, only the daily campground permit fee
    • While we are committed to enabling annual permit holder reservations for the 2025 camping season, we will need to ensure that our systems can accommodate this function. Annual permit holders will continue to be able to use their permits to camp at any frontcountry territorial campground on a first come, first served basis. This is a pilot and we look forward to hearing from Yukoners and visitors about what works, what doesn’t and where we need to readjust for future camping seasons.

    • Yukon residents ages 65 years and over receive a 50% discount on all campground permits. There are no discounts on reservation fees.
    • A Yukon resident is a person who makes their home, resides and is ordinarily present in the Yukon.

    Self-check-in and register upon arrival


    You must self-check-in and register your reserved site before 12 pm (noon) on the day after your scheduled arrival date. If you do not arrive and check-in by then, your reservation is cancelled without refund and your site is made available to others.

    When you arrive at the campground, self-register your reservation and campground permit:

    1. Check-in online using your personal device at
    2. Go to an information kiosk in the campground.
    3. Grab a green permit slip and fill it out, including your reservation number.
    4. Tear campground permit and deposit top half of permit in registration box.
    5. Clip the bottom half of permit to your reserved campsite post.

    Check-in and check-out times

    You may arrive any time after 3 pm on the first day of your reservation. Your reservation is held until noon the next day.

    Once you self-check-in upon arrival, your campground permit is valid until 12 pm (noon) on your departure day.

    Accessible sites

    Some campsites available for reservation are designed to be wheelchair accessible. Accessible sites are marked on our campground maps with a wheelchair symbol. All barrier-free campsites have a;

    • level, compacted gravel site surface;
    • wheelchair-accessible adjustable firepit; and
    • picnic table with overhanging end for close wheelchair placement.

    All accessible sites are also close to a wheelchair-accessible outhouse, garbage bin, wood bin and registration kiosk.

    Some sites have other accessible amenities nearby, such as a kitchen shelter or trail.

    Special notes for backcountry campgrounds in Tombstone Territorial Park

    Campsite reservations can be made up to 12 pm (noon) on your day of departure.

    You can book up to 3 sites, each with a maximum of  2 people.

    Watch the 10-minute video, Tombstone Territorial Park Backcountry Orientation, prior to your visit. You can also watch it at the Tombstone Interpretive Centre.

    Check-in and registration are required at the Tombstone Interpretive Centre before entering the backcountry. Be sure to bring the following to register:

    • Your reservation confirmation letter
    • All members of your group
    • Your bear-proof canisters to verify all attractants are stored properly

    You must register before 12 pm (noon) on your day of departure, or by 4 pm for next day departures.

    Learn more about backcountry camping in Tombstone Territorial Park.

  2. Changes, cancellations and closures

    This applies to both frontcountry and backcountry reservations, including standard camping, walk-in tent camping, and group camping.


    You can make changes to your frontcountry reservation, free of charge, up until the moment that you self-check-in and register your campground permit. Once you’ve checked in, changes are no longer possible – only cancellations. 

    If you need to make a change to your backcountry reservation, you must cancel your reservation and start a new booking.

    Cancellations and refunds

    You can cancel your reservation online or by calling 1-888-352-0532 (toll free) or 1-867-322-0222 (international).

    Refunds are based on when you cancel, with respect to 3 pm on your scheduled arrival date:

    Cancellation made Refund percentage*
    More than 72 hours 75
    24-72 hours 50
    Less than 24 hours 0 - no refund

    *The $10 backcountry campsite reservation fee for Tombstone Territorial Park is non-refundable.

    Example: You are scheduled to arrive at your reserved campsite on July 10. Refunds would be processed as follows:

    If you cancel:


    Refund percentage*
    Earlier than 3 pm on July 7 75

    Later than 3 pm on July 7


    Earlier than 3 pm on July 9

    Later than 3 pm on July 9 0 (no refund)

    No show

    Frontcountry reservations

    You must self-check-in and register your campground permit for your reserved campsite before 12 pm (noon) the day after your scheduled arrival date.

    If you do not arrive and check-in by then, your reservation is considered a no show. The reservation is cancelled without refund and the campsite is made available to others.

    Backcountry reservations

    To receive camping permits, all hikers must register in person at the Tombstone Interpretive Centre daily between 9 am and 12 pm (noon) for same day departures, or by 4 pm for next day departures.

    Park and area closures

    At times, Yukon Parks must close campsites, campgrounds, or parts of campgrounds to ensure visitor safety, protect natural resources or facilities and for other reasons.

    If Yukon Parks closes a campsite, campground, or part of a campground for any reason, all affected reservations will be cancelled immediately. We will do our best to provide you with as much notice as possible in these situations.

    Refunds for closures will be processed automatically as follows:

    Scenario Refund percentage
    Camping stay not yet started (you have not checked in and registered yet). 100 per cent of campground permit fees
    0 per cent of backcountry reservation fees
    Camping stay in progress (you have checked in and registered).  0 per cent - no refund


    Yukon Parks closes Wolf Creek Campground due to a flooding incident. Parks staff direct all people in the campground to evacuate. All reservations and campground permits are cancelled immediately.

    At this point, campers who have checked in and registered their campsite are not eligible for a refund. People who have reservations during the period of the closure, but have not yet arrived and checked in, will automatically get a full refund of all fees paid.

    People who wish to reserve a campsite after a closure has ended, including those whose reservation was cancelled due to the closure, are required to make a new reservation.

    Special notes for backcountry campgrounds

    Area closures and advisories can occur with short notice. Check with park staff and any signage at trailheads before heading into the backcountry.

  3. Park and campground policies

    As a reservation holder, you must follow the same rules and guidelines as other park users. These include:

    In addition, reservation holders must agree to


If you have questions please email [email protected] or call 867-667-5648.