Cut and use trees on your mining claim

You can cut down or clear trees on your claim to help in mining operations. You cannot cut down timber for commercial sale or personal use that is not mining-related without a forest resources permit.

Timber harvesting must be consistent with:

  • your mining notification;
  • your mining land use approval; and
  • mining regulations.

Cutting down or clearing trees not needed for mining

You do not have exclusive rights to the timber on:

  • your claim; or
  • an area for which you have a land use permit.

When it’s economical for you to do so, you must salvage and stockpile the sellable timber you do not need for mining.

You do not have rights to this timber. We retain the rights and can issue permits to use it. These permits can go to anyone who applies for them, including you. With appropriate permits, the timber can be used or sold for:

  • firewood;
  • lumber production; or
  • cabin logs.

Get a permit for the timber you don’t use for mining

If you want to salvage or remove timber from your mineral claim on public land, you will need a forest resources permit.

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Submit your application at your local Compliance Monitoring and Inspections office.
  3. Pay the stumpage fee on the timber to be harvested.
  4. We'll review your application for a minimum 15 days.
  5. We'll contact you when we decide on your application, or if additional information or time is required.

Before we issue you a permit, you must complete any required:

  • assessments by the  Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board; or
  • other project authorizations, such as a land use permit.

If you do not want the timber

Compliance, Monitoring and Inspections will try to ensure the use or disposal of salvage timber if you:

  • do not want rights to the trees; or
  • need help disposing of timber on your claim.

We usually do this by issuing timber rights to:

  • a commercial forest-industry client; or
  • the public for personal use.

Mining and timber harvesting on the same area

You can still stake a claim or work on your mineral claim if your claim overlaps an area permitted for timber harvesting. However, you may be limited to when you cut or clear. You may also have to cut the trees in a way that keeps the timber’s value. We will work with you and the timber harvest permit holder before any harvesting starts.

We may develop a timber harvest plan that overlaps your mineral claim. If this happens, we will contact you before issuing a permit for harvesting and ask you for details about any timber on your claim that you need for mining operations.