Find a timber harvest plan for Teslin

Timber harvest plans help ensure the sustainable use of forests. These plans cover landscape units ranging from 5,000 hectares to around 300,000 hectares. These identify:

  • areas proposed for forest resource harvesting;
  • where and how timber will be removed; and
  • strategies for minimizing or removing negative environmental impacts on other natural resources.

The following documents are only available in English.

Teslin Annual Limit Region



Teslin timber harvest plan


This timber harvest plan identifies 2 management areas near Teslin. The plan allows harvesting of a supply of biomass material to the community heating system in Teslin. (6,010.64 KB)


Sawmill Road – demonstration forest timber harvest plan


This timber harvest plan is near Teslin Lake, east of Teslin. This plan covers 361 hectares with a target volume of 4,300 cubic metres. (6,046.12 KB)



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