Review draft timber harvest plans

Timber harvest plans help ensure the sustainable use of forests. These plans cover landscape units ranging from 5,000 hectares to around 300,000 hectares. These identify:

  • areas proposed for forest resource harvesting;
  • where and how timber will be removed; and
  • strategies for minimizing or removing negative environmental impacts on other natural resources.

Draft timber harvest plans available for review

The following documents are only available in English.

Timber harvest plan:

Draft 2020 French Gulch timber harvest plan

Geographic region:

Dawson Annual Limit Region


We are proposing to change the seasonal harvesting closure within the 2018 French Gulch Timber Harvest Plan. We propose the seasonal closure be in place October 15 to 31, each year and reopen on November 1. A reduced closure will still mitigate pressure on moose populations. It will also provide commercial fuel wood licencees access to fire killed timber into fall and early winter.


Draft 2020 French Gulch timber harvest plan (543 KB)
Timber harvest plan map (1,275 KB)



Notification period:

April 1 to April 30, 2020


Robert Legare
Phone: 867-456-3811


Submit your comments on a timber harvest plan to the Forest Management Branch.
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