Submit a tick for identification

Ticks in the Yukon

Ticks are small spider-like animals (arachnids). They bite to attach themselves onto the skin and feed on blood. Ticks are most active when the temperature is above 4 degrees Celsius.

The only tick species that is currently established in the Yukon is the winter tick (Dermacentor albipictus). You can find winter ticks on:

  • elk;
  • deer; and
  • moose.

Winter ticks are rarely seen on people and pets.

Winter ticks do not carry Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that can cause Lyme disease in people, nor do they spread other diseases in people or animals. However, there is evidence that tick species capable of carrying Borrelia burgdorferi are expanding their range in Canada. These ticks can also enter the Yukon on people or pets that have travelled outside of the Yukon and returned home.

We’ve partnered with eTick, a free and simple tick identification service to help identify ticks. Identifying ticks accurately can help researchers, healthcare providers and the public better understand the range of ticks in the Yukon and across Canada, and to evaluate the risks of tick-borne diseases. 

What is eTick?

eTick is a public platform that allows you to submit photos of ticks for identification. Submitted photos are reviewed and identified by trained staff. Submitters will receive:

  • information on the type of tick;
  • whether a bite could lead to a tick-borne disease; and
  • if any further steps are needed.

Ticks found on people, pets or in the environment may be sent as a photo submission.

Submitted photos are combined with other data, such as collection date and location, to create tools such as maps. This allows eTick users to view tick information by species, year or region.

How to submit to eTick

  1. Take a photo of the tick you found.
  2. Submit the photos through the eTick app (Google Play, App Store) or online.
  3. After you have made a submission to eTick, send or bring the tick to the Department of Environment. This will allow us to confirm the tick identification and conduct any further testing, if needed.

How to submit a tick to the Government of Yukon

Submit a tick by mail

  1. Place the tick (alive or dead) in a small hard plastic container with a tight-fitting lid, such as a clean empty pill bottle. Do not use glass containers or straws. Do not squish the tick if possible.
  2. Label the container with the eTick identification number provided in your eTick submission (for example: ETXXXX).
  3. Place the container in a clean plastic bag, such as a Ziploc bag, and seal.
  4. Add the sealed plastic bag to an envelope or box suitable for mailing.
  5. Mail to:
    Animal Healthy Unit, Department of Environment
    10 Burns Road
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    Y1A 4Y9

Submit a tick in-person

You can also drop off the tick in-person to any Department of Environment office. If there is further information about the tick you submit, you will be able to access updates on eTick.


If you have questions, email or phone 867-667-5600.