23 safer schools actions

These are the 23 actions we're taking in response to the 7 recommendations from the  Hidden Valley School report.

Action number Lead Action as stated in the Action Plan Support Status Deadline
1 Education

Finalize and implement Yukon School Post-Incident Communication Guidance and Procedures


On track August 2022
2 Executive Council Office

Develop corporate guidance for inter-departmental communication and coordination in response to serious incidents in schools

Education, Justice, Public Service Commission, Health and Social Services

On track August 2022
3 Justice, Public Service Commission

Develop corporate guidance for communicating publicly or with stakeholders about serious incidents when a criminal matter is under investigation or before the courts

Education, Health and Social Services

On track September 2022
4 Justice, Education

Develop victim support plan and identify materials

Health and Social Services, Women and Gender Equity Directorate On track March 2023
5 Education

Establish Hidden Valley School Parent Advisory Committee following input received from families

  On track August 2022
6 Education

Update and consolidate policies and procedures under a stand-alone Policy on Prevention and Reporting of Serious School Incidents


On track August 2022
7 Education, Health and Social Services Create a new Inter-Agency Agreement for the Investigation of Child Abuse and provide training on roles and responsibilities under the agreement to those responsible within each department Justice, RCMP Not on track; work underway August 2022
8 Justice, Public Service Commission, Education

Develop corporate policies and procedures for information sharing with the RCMP on matters involving the investigation of alleged criminal conduct by an employee.

Health and Social Services, Executive Council Office, RCMP On track September 2022
9 Education Review and update policies internal to the Department of Education to ensure they are aligned with corporate policies and processes Executive Council Office, Public Service Commission On track July 2022
10 Education Enhance and require training for all school-based staff in the prevention, detection, and obligation to report suspected child abuse / suspicious behaviour Health and Social Services, Justice On track August 2022
11 Executive Council Office, Education Incorporate training on how government works into required leadership training for school administrators, managers and senior leaders within the Department of Education Public Service Commission On track August 2022
12 Education Update onboarding practices for all school-based and central administration staff Public Service Commission On track August 2022
13 Education Implement summer training for principals, vice-principals and new staff   On track August 2022
14 Education Explore ways to incorporate training requirements on prevention, detection and reporting of child abuse and on supporting victims and families into certification of teachers   On track August 2022
15 Education Explore ways to make best use of school, student and human resource databases to collect, archive and maintain up-to-date information  Highways and Public Works, Public Service Commission, Justice On track September 2022
16 Education Review existing incident reporting and tracking systems across YG and determine if one common system or similar systems could be implemented for all departments, beginning with Education Highways and Public Works, Public Service Commission, Justice On track January 2023
17 Education Develop a process for ongoing review and monitoring of policies and procedures and best practices for higher risk educational settings   Not on track; work underway August 2022
18 Executive Council Office Enhance and formalize interdepartmental committees for serious incidents   On track August 2022
19 Executive Council Office, Public Service Commission Expand foundational on-boarding of all YG senior leadership regarding government operations and accountabilities to promote consistency across departments   On track February 2023
20 Public Service Commission Implement the corporate leadership development framework    On track October 2022
21 Public Service Commission Develop Values and Ethics code    On track October 2022
22 Executive Council Office Update the General Administration Manual (GAM) to reflect the most up to date practices regarding interdepartmental coordination for communicating publicly and establish a schedule for future updates/reviews   Not on track; work underway August 2022
23 Public Service Commission Enhance opportunities for public servants to take positions in different departments to promote employee development and reduce silos, including promoting temporary assignments   On track March 2023