Learn about our work on offshore oil and gas

The Beaufort Sea, on Yukon's north coast, has immense oil and gas resources. It’s estimated there are:

  • 67 trillion cubic feet of natural gas; and
  • 7 billion barrels of oil.

There's potential for exploration and development. We're working to makes sure we have a role and take part in the management of these resources.

Our interests are:

  • shared governance of offshore oil and gas resources;
  • economic benefits such as jobs and business opportunities;
  • resource royalties and revenues;
  • consideration of financial risk and assistance for Yukon;
  • development and upgrades to our infrastructure;
  • capacity development and training for Yukoners and their businesses; and
  • ensuring sustainable development that does not put Yukon’s coastline and Herschel Island at risk.

To meet our interests, we work with the:

  • Government of Canada;
  • Government of the Northwest Territories; and
  • Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.

We're involved in the 5-year review of the offshore moratorium. As part of this, we're speaking to Yukon First Nations and seeking input through the North Yukon Intergovernmental Oil and Gas Forum.

See a map of the Yukon Oil and Gas Accord area

Our interactive map shows the Beaufort Sea oil and gas exploration and development area. This area is described in the Canada Yukon Oil and Gas Accord.

View Beaufort Sea: Yukon Oil and Gas Accord area