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We support a strong, sustainable and viable Arctic economy and the protection of the Arctic’s ecosystem.

The Beaufort Sea, off the Yukon's north coast, has immense oil and gas resources. The area is an important ecosystem for marine life and birds. It's an important area to local First Nations and Indigenous groups. We’re working with our partners to manage this area responsibly.

The Western Arctic Offshore (Tariuq) Oil and Gas Accord

The Western Arctic Offshore (Tariuq) Oil and Gas Accord governs how we manage and protect the waters in the Western Arctic – Tariuq (Offshore).

Our partners are:

  • Government of Canada;
  • Government of the Northwest Territories; and
  • Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

We signed the accord August 10, 2023.

The accord gives us shared decision-making powers in oil and gas matters off our northern coast. It also ensures that we share in revenues from offshore oil and gas development.

Our interests are:

  • shared governance of offshore oil and gas resources;
  • shared management of environmental protection matters;
  • socio-economic benefits to Yukoners;
  • resource royalties and revenues;
  • protection of health and personal safety; and
  • investments in capacity building, infrastructure and safety preparedness.

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Offshore oil and gas activity in the Western Arctic

Currently, there is no offshore oil and gas exploration and activity in the Western Arctic. In 2016 the Government of Canada placed a moratorium on future offshore oil and gas exploration in the Arctic. The moratorium is reviewed every 5 years. We're involved in the 5-year review of the offshore moratorium. As part of this work, we're speaking to Yukon First Nations and seeking input through the North Yukon Intergovernmental Oil and Gas Forum.