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Yukon state of the environment interim report 2022 cover

State of the environment reports provide updates on research and monitoring efforts for climate change, air, water, landscape and fish and wildlife in the territory.

The reports also:

  • give early warning and analysis of potential environmental problems;
  • chart the achievement of the objectives set out in the Environment Act;
  • give baseline information for environmental planning, assessment and regulation; and
  • help guide future decision making.

Under the Yukon’s Environment Act, the Minister of Environment must table:

  • a full state of the environment report in the legislature every 3 years; and
  • interim reports in the years in between.

2022 interim report

The Yukon state of the environment interim report 2022 includes information available at the end of the 2021 calendar year. Collecting and analyzing data can take a long time. Some data can take several years to be analyzed and become available.

Read the interim report

Earlier reports

Before 2012, reports were named by year of data collected, not year of publication.