Find air photos of Yukon

The Energy, Mines and Resources Library has over 150,000 aerial photographs. With the GeoYukon map viewer, you can:

  • see locations of flightlines and air photos; and
  • download digitized air photos if available.

Photos that are not digitized yet can be viewed at the Energy, Mines and Resources Library.

View air photos on GeoYukon

Download air photos

We have digitized many of the air photos. These are identified with a yellow plus sign in GeoYukon. You can download each file as a 600 dots-per-inch (DPI) JPEG file. You'll find download instructions in GeoYukon.

Borrow and scan air photos

You can borrow air photos for 24 hours with your Energy, Mines and Resources Library account. You'll have to leave credit card information as a security. You can also scan as many air photos as you need, free of charge. Scans are 600 dots per inch (DPI). Bring a USB storage device to save the files on.

Does the library digitize air photos on demand?

If you cannot scan the air photos you need in person, we may be able to scan a small number for you. Contact the library to learn more.

How can I use air photos? Terms and conditions

Air photos that are older than 50 years old are in the public domain. You don't need a licence to use these. More recent photographs are subject to copyright. The Government of Canada or the Government of Yukon own copyright of the photos. You can use and reproduce these materials as follows:

Non-commercial reproduction

You can use and reproduce air photos for non-commercial use. There is no charge or permission needed. You must:

  • ensure the accuracy of the materials reproduced (do not change them);
  • identify the copyright owner in the reproduction; and
  • do not represent the copy as an official version.

Commercial reproduction

You need written permission before reproducing air photos for a commercial purpose. Contact the library for more information.


If you need further help with air photos, visit, email or phone the Energy, Mines and Resources Library.