Find out how to get married

Licence and fee

To get married in the Yukon you'll need a marriage licence. The cost is $20 and the fee is non-refundable.

How to apply

Both you and your partner must apply together and in person.

You'll need to bring government identification such as:

  • birth certificates;
  • passports; or
  • other identification pieces that include your legal name.

Photocopies of documents will not be accepted. Only bring originals or certified copies. If the documents you provide are in a language other than English, youneed a certified translation.

Both people must also provide their:

  • parents' full names (including details such as given names, last names and maiden names); and
  • parents’ birth places.

If you're under 19 years of age, you'll need written parental consent to get married.

There's a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before the licence can be used. Once the licence is issued, it will expire in 90 days if it is not signed and returned.

How does the licence work?

You, your partner, the officiant (marriage commissioner) and 2 witnesses have to sign the licence.

Within 48 hours of your licence being signed, the officiant (marriage commissioner) will send it to the government. This will confirm that the wedding took place. There'll need to be at least 24 hours between issuing the licence and ceremony itself.

The licence must be issued in the province or territory where the marriage will take place.

What if you were married before?

When you apply for your new licence, bring a:

  • certified death certificate;
  • final divorce decree; or
  • certificate of divorce.

For more information about the divorce process, learn how to file for divorce or read the Divorce Act.

Where can you get a licence?

You can get a marriage licence from the territorial agent in:

  • Carcross;
  • Carmacks;
  • Dawson;
  • Faro;
  • Haines Junction;
  • Mayo;
  • Old Crow;
  • Ross River;
  • Teslin; and
  • Watson Lake.

In Whitehorse, you can get a licence from the Vital Statistics office by appointment.

Who can perform your marriage?

There are a number of marriage commissioners, civil officiants, justices of the peace and registered religious representatives who can perform marriages.

An updated list of marriage commissioners is available at the Vital Statistics office in Whitehorse. To get a copy of this list, email


For more information, email or phone 867-667-5207, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5207.