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Under the Education Act, the Department of Education is responsible for delivering accessible and quality education to Yukon learners. We work closely with our partners in education, including Yukon First Nations, and school communities to develop and improve our programs and practices.

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This unit provides apprenticeship training for all trade areas.

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Works to engage and build trust among our partners in education: parents, students, school councils, Yukon First Nations and the public. Areas of responsibility include strategic communications planning, media relations, website management, issues management, advertising, publications and liaising with school councils.

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Provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum and assessment support and training for Yukon educators and schools.

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Provides executive management for the department.

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The Early Learning and Child Care Unit delivers programs and provides services that help:

  • families with young children and infants;
  • early learning and child care programs; and
  • current and future early childhood educators.

These services include the Yukon Early Learning and Child Care Funding Program as well as child care subsidies.

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Focuses on building productive relationships with Yukon First Nations, the Council of Yukon First Nations, the First Nations Education Commission, and other stakeholders of Yukon First Nations. This branch develops and implements Yukon First Nations curriculum, resources, program delivery, training, evaluation and increased levels of cultural inclusion in Yukon schools.

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Provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 French education curriculum, assessment and cultural support through the following programs: French Immersion, Intensive French, Core French and Option plus.

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Provides a full range of human resource management programs and services to the Department of Education including support and guidance to departmental managers and supervisors.

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Responsible for developing programs and support for adult learners, job seekers and employers and providing support for service organizations seeking to strengthen Yukon’s labour market. This includes consultation under the Labour Market Framework for Yukon, programs delivered to support the Canada-Yukon Labour Market Development and Workforce Development Agreements, Yukon’s Community Training Fund, and initiatives in adult literacy and labour mobility.

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This branch handles the management and operation of Yukon schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and those in apprenticeships and training programs. This includes the staffing and operation of public schools in Yukon, services and learning supports for students, student financial assistance, and apprenticeship qualifications.

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Administers a variety of programs to help pay for post-secondary education, including Yukon Grant, Student Training Allowance, Yukon Excellence Awards, Canada Student Loans and Grants, and a variety of scholarships.

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The Student Support Services unit delivers services to students with special needs. This unit covers areas such as psychological services, speech language programs, occupational therapy, sensory impairments, social and emotional support and positive behaviour intervention support.

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Student Training and Employment Program is a job experience program which offers a wage subsidy to Yukon employers who can provide Yukon post-secondary students with an opportunity to gain practical and relevant work experience in their chosen field of study. 

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This unit provides transportation to and from school for students.

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Provides certification needed by teachers to apply for a teaching position in Yukon schools.

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Recruits certified educators for teaching positions in Yukon schools.

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