Yukon Lottery Commission and Lotteries Yukon

Minister Ranj Pillai

The Yukon Lottery Commission is an agent of the Government of Yukon. It is appointed to conduct and manage interjurisdictional lotteries and allocate the profits from the sale of lottery tickets to arts, sport, and recreation throughout Yukon. Interjurisdictional lotteries currently applies to the sale of lottery tickets in Yukon and is a joint responsibility between the Yukon Lottery Commission and Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

The administrative functions for the Yukon Lottery Commission are carried out by Lotteries Yukon. Lotteries Yukon provides support and services to:

  • lottery retailers,
  • lottery customers and members of the public,
  • non-profit organizations seeking program funding, and
  • to the Yukon Lottery Commission.

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Minister responsible

Hon. Ranj Pillai
Legislative Assembly profile 
Email: ranj.pillai@yukon.ca 
Phone number: 867-393-7418
Fax number: 867-393-7135