Department of Tourism and Culture

To support, protect, promote and enhance Yukon’s tourism, culture, heritage and arts sectors for the benefit of Yukoners and visitors.

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We create awareness of Yukon as a travel destination. Focusing on international and Canadian markets, we put in place multi-channel, year-round consumer marketing campaigns. We also build important tour operator and media relationships.

Our team carries out sales calls, gives training to overseas tour operators and travel agents; and manages, online marketing and other digital platforms. 

We partner with Destination Canada and host media and travel trade familiarization tours. For questions about how you can take part in our marketing activities, contact us.

Use our resources to promote your tourism experience, service or destination.

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We support tourism development for communities, organizations and businesses. Contact us to talk about your tourism idea or for questions about services and funding. 

Core areas of focus

  1. To engage, counsel and collaborate with industry, communities and other partners; 
  2. To provide capacity development opportunities, training and tools; 
  3. To provide funding; 
  4. To conduct and provide research; 
  5. To report tourism sector performance; and 
  6. To represent the tourism sector in land, resource and development planning.

Funding and support

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Subscribe to our industry newsletter for information on:

  • upcoming training opportunities;
  • industry advisories;
  • visitor statistics and data;
  • updates on Tourism Branch activities and more.

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This unit is responsible for the 6 Government of Yukon visitor information centres. We also raise industry’s awareness of available information on current events, advisories and programs.

We manage the database for Government of Yukon photography.

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The Arts Section supports the development of visual, literary and performing arts in Yukon. We serve professional and community-based arts practices through funding programs, agreements and research.

Arts advisors help applicants apply for funding, for review by the Yukon Arts Advisory Council or peer juries.

This unit also maintains, interprets and provides curatorial support to the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. We envision a Yukon where the arts flourish, where arts and community connect, and where we take pride in our artistic resources.


Program opportunities 


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We support the preservation and appreciation of Yukon heritage and history. This unit manages land-based heritage resources. This includes: archaeology; palaeontology; geographical place names, and; research licensing.

We also help Yukon museums, cultural centres and cultural organizations with: collections care, funding, training and development.

We partner with: Yukon First Nations; museums and cultural centres; placer miners; the public, and; researchers from around the world.

Phone: 867-667-8589
Fax number: 867-393-6456

We can help Yukon museums and cultural centres with:

  • conservation and artifact or specimen repair and cleaning;
  • pest management and emergency planning for collections, or;
  • the development of collections management policies and procedures.

We provide information, resources, support and training for heritage workers. We administer the Museum Contribution Program (MCP) and the Special Projects Capital Assistance Program (SPCAP).

Phone: 867-667-3660
Fax number: 867-393-6456

We manage, preserve and provide research on archaeological sites and collections. We also take part in environmental assessments and land use planning. For information on Yukon archaeology or to access our collections, contact us.

Phone: 867-667-3771

We manage Yukon's fossil sites and collections and conduct research on ancient life and environments. This program facilitates research by international scientists. We also offer public education and outreach.

The Yukon Palaeontologist takes part in fossil export permitting under the federal Cultural Export and Import Act.

To report a fossil find or to access our collections, contact us.

Phone: 867-667-8089
Toll-free phone: 1-800-661-0408 extension 8089

We administer the program to name and rename geographical features in Yukon. Decisions are based on recommendations from the Yukon Geographical Place Names Board.

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Fax number: 867-393-6456

The Historic Sites unit provides for the research, preservation, management, development and interpretation of Yukon’s historic places. We take part in implementing the Historic Resources Act and the Government of Yukon heritage obligations under the Umbrella Final Agreement and individual First Nation final agreements. 

Contact us for information on: funding to preserve Yukon’s heritage; how to nominate a historic site; management plans and how sites are preserved and developed, and; signage and interpretation along highways, trails, rivers and historic sites.


Programs and resources

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Yukon Archives acquires, preserves and provides access to Yukon's documentary heritage.

Our holdings include:

  • government and non-government records;
  • books;
  • pamphlets;
  • newspapers, and;
  • periodicals.

Reproduction services are available. For questions or research assistance, contact us.

Phone: 867-667-8061
Toll-free phone: 1-800-661-0408 extension 5321
Location: Yukon Archives hours and location