Help test government services

By sdbergqu

We’re looking for participants to help us test new and existing government services and websites.

We test all new government services and websites. We want people to be able to successfully complete their tasks when they’re interacting with the government. We conduct these tests to help us identify barriers and remove them before we release services and websites to the public.

Once a service or website launches, we monitor user feedback and continue to test so we can make the service or website even better.

What do we mean by user testing?

We use a variety of user testing methods. These include usability tests and user experience (UX) exercises.

For usability testing we design a series of scenarios and ask participants to complete them as best as they can. We usually conduct this testing in person so we can observe and record the sessions.

We also conduct a variety of UX exercises. This includes card sorting and tree tests. These can be done in person and we also email them out to users so they can complete the exercise at their convenience and on a device they’re comfortable using.

Is this a big time commitment?

The time commitment to participate ranges from 15 minutes to an hour. We do not want the same people participating in all tests, as we need a variety of responses, so we also will not contact you for back-to-back testing.

When we contact you to see if you’re interested in participating, we’ll let you know:

  • the date;
  • how long we expect it to take; and
  • if it’s an online test or in-person.

You can then decide if you’d like to take part or pass.

Sign up to participate in user testing

  1. Email
  2. Let us know you’d be interested in participating in user testing.
  3. We’ll reply to your email and add you to our list of volunteer participants.
  4. We’ll reach out to you if we’re testing a service or website to see if you’re interested and available.

How we store and use your personal information

If you contact us to participate, we’ll reply to your email and ask you for your first and last name and your contact information. The personal information you provide is collected under the authority of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, s. 29(c). We’ll only use this information to contact you to participate. We store this information in a spreadsheet on a secure drive. We will not share this information publicly or with other Government of Yukon departments. You can request to be removed from the list at any time.


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