Sexual health website launches

By sdbergqu

The Better to Know website is a resource for people with questions about sexual health and relationships.

There’s a lot of information on the internet on these topics and it’s not always trustworthy. This can make it challenging to find accurate information. Our goal is to provide people with reliable answers to their sexual health and relationship questions so they’re equipped to make decisions based on facts.

Working with subject matter experts to develop the website

We researched Yukon and BC curriculum recommendations to identify what content would be appropriate to include for young people.

We also worked with a review committee that included sexual health educators, nurses and LGBTQ2S+ people. All of this work helped us identify the site’s topics, categories and what information to include.

The site features facts on a variety of topics including:

  • biological sex versus gender
  • puberty
  • pregnancy
  • sexual decision-making
  • consent
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • LGBTQ2+
  • relationships

Improvements and features

The Better to Know website replaces an older site. We took this opportunity to make improvements including:

  • a way to submit questions to health educators via email;
  • access to a phone line to speak to a sexual health educator;
  • responsive design as many of our users access this information on mobile devices; and
  • an overhaul of the content, including updating resources and using inclusive language.

Some of our users do not have reliable internet access so we also developed content for a printed resource book aimed at Yukon students.

Feedback and future improvements

Once we launch a website, we test it and revisit it to ensure it’s meeting user needs. You can share your feedback by emailing


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