What we’re working on: summer 2020

By sdbergqu

We’ve had a lot on the go since our last project update in May. This is what we’ve been working on, organized into websites, citizen engagement, open data and online services.


Digital Standard

The Digital Standard is where we share our guidance and standards for digital service delivery. We’re working on improving the content and navigation and we’ve also applied the government’s branding. You can expect to see the updated standard later this summer.

Elections Yukon website

We launched the new Elections Yukon website in early July. The new site focuses on top tasks and has a refreshed look. Users can check their voter registration, create a new registration, update an existing registration and find out which electoral district they live in.

Yukon.ca and related sites

We’re currently planning the phase 7 release of Yukon.ca. Departments have been hard at work moving their previous standalone sites to Yukon.ca. Despite the pandemic, we only have a few more to go. The phase 7 work supports that effort, giving staff the improved tools and templates they need.

  • Better to know. We launched the Better to know website earlier this summer. This website provides youth with information about sexual health.
  • Conflict of Interest Commissioner. We’ve moved the Conflict of Interest Commissioner content to a more reliable and accessible site and it’s being translated. Once this is complete, the new site will go live.
  • EngageYukon. EngageYukon is the government’s citizen engagement website. We’re shutting this site down and work is underway to migrate it to Yukon.ca. We expect engagements to go live on Yukon.ca in August.
  • Yukon Courts. The Yukon Courts website has been overhauled, migrated to the eServices platform and is now live. The new site makes use of our existing technical infrastructure to save costs and make maintenance easier.

Citizen engagement

In addition to migrating EngageYukon to Yukon.ca, we’re looking at using Bang the Table as the government’s new citizen engagement platform. We’ve completed a Security and Threat Risk Assessment (STRA) and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). We expect to finalize this work this summer.

Open data

The open data website is where we house the government’s public datasets. We’re working on combining open data with open information to create one open government site that will launch this fall. Open information is also known as proactive disclosure.

Online services

This summer we’ve completed 5 service maturity assessments. We do this for department’s that have purchased or are building public-facing systems. These assessments support our goal to create better online services for everyone.

We’ve also been working with departments to deliver the following online services.

Class 1 minerals modernization

This service has been live for 3 years. Our work on phase 4 improvements was delayed, but we expect to start working on it again this fall.

COVID-19 related online services

Since our last update post in May, we’ve launched the following COVID-19 online services.

  • Apply for assistance to pay your rent due to COVID-19
  • Updated and relaunched Assess yourself for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Calculate interest on a security deposit
  • Request an alternative self-isolation plan as an individual
  • Request an alternative self-isolation plan as an organization
  • Request a review of business, service or event operations during COVID-19

Donate to Yukon Archives

We’ve renamed this service “Donate to Yukon Archives.” It’s in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for review and then we’ll launch it.

Energy efficiency rebate service

This service will allow Yukoners to apply for an energy efficiency rebate online. We’re implementing the beta user interface and expect to launch this fall.

Improve online access to all government services

We’re looking at options to streamline the process for citizens to sign into the government’s online services. We’re working with a vendor on this project and plan to start testing internally this winter.

Legislative drafting and publishing

This service will replace the legislation section of our old website. We’re working on the content while the site is being developed.

Liquor licensing, inspections and permitting

Work is underway on this online service for users and facilities where liquor is served or sold. The public and businesses will be able to apply for liquor licences. The government will be able to approve, issue and enforce licences.

Proactive disclosure

We’ve started work on publishing the government’s open information online. We’ll be combining open information with open data in 1 open government site. We expect this site to launch this fall.

Professional and regulatory licensing system

Users will be able to apply for licences or view a list of licensed Yukon professionals. We’re in the procurement phase of this project and expect to have the vendor selected in the next couple of weeks. We’ve also begun work on the Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessment.

Student financial assistance

Students will use this service to apply for financial assistance and government staff to approve and issue funding. We’ve completed the discovery and part of the prototype development (alpha) phase.

Turn in Poachers and Polluters

We’ve launched this service to give the public another way to report poaching and polluting activities. It went live in July. See the blog post. You can access the service through Yukon.ca.

YuDriv system replacement

The government’s Transport Services Branch, City of Whitehorse Bylaw and the RCMP use multiple systems to do things such as issue parking tickets or look up licence plate information. This system will replace all of these. This is a 3-year project and we expect the public-facing web component to be live in 2021.

YukonBids – eProcurement

A new procurement system will provide users with improved online tools to streamline the tendering process. We’re working toward launching the first phase of the bids and tenders site next in August.

Yukon driving mobile app

The public will be able to use this app to learn about Yukon features and amenities along the territory’s roads. We’re working at getting it in the App Store and expect it to be available later this summer.

Yukon lobbyist registry

Lobbyists will publish their lobbying activities using this service. The public will be able to see who’s lobbying the government and on what topic. We are currently testing this service and expect this service to be ready to launch in the next few months.

Email eservices@gov.yk.ca if you’re interested in participating in a usability test for this service.


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